By: Vanessa and Elicia


Gymnastic has been around for over 2,000 years. It only developed into a competitive sport about 100 years ago. But gymnastic was used for a different reason in ancient times. It was used to train soilders and worriors for war. It was harsh and difficult training.


Turnverein was where gymnastic was made. Turnverein is called " Father of Gymnastic."

Fredrick John invented some gymnastic aquitment that we use today, like: Horizontal bars, Parellel bars, side horse, balence beam, vaulting horse and more.


The first two pictures are gymnastic aquitment and the third one is a picture of a girl doing a trick

Even More History

Isn't it Beautiful

One of the most popular Olympic sports today is Gymnastics. It is a sport combined with grace, beauty, athleticism, and strength. Formed in Ancient Greece to be get ready for war, gymnastics later became a sport to be taught and perfected!

History and Olympics

In the early 19th century the U.S military adopted the gymnastics way to get ready for war. The sport began in the late 18th century. "The International Gymnastics Federation " (FIG) formed in 1891 and five years later, gymnastics was included in the first modern Olympics!

In 1954 gymnastics was standardized to have different events for women and men. Men had more to do in the gymnastics part of the Olympics than women did. The 10 to 7 scoring started in 1955, modern gymnastics had become the sport we recognize today. In 1984 the gymnastics officially became an Olympic event!