Friday, October 30th, 2020

Caring Connections ~ Conversations with Erica

I have become quite a self-care warrior during these trying days. Not the self-care which has turned into a big dollar industry with programs, classes, seminars, or books. No, I have become a warrior for the type of self-care we already know how to do for ourselves. The self-care that does not feel like another to-do, a should, or a boiling pot of hot guilt reminding us of yet another thing we are forgetting to do.

Instead, I fiercely champion for much smaller regular forms of self-care.

Like taking three deep grounding breaths all the way to my belly before I jump on any Zoom call.

Like completing just five minutes of yoga, which sometimes turns into ten or forty, but not always.

Like putting something green in my eggs or my lunchbox or my smoothie, even if it’s a green M&M.

There is no one right way to care for yourself and only you know what you need. Sometimes we just need a gentle reminder to slow down and listen to the needs of our bodies, our minds, and our hearts so we can tune into care that is unique to us.

Whenever I need a gentle self-care reminder, I use these three guidelines to help me remember the ways self-care is available to me whenever I am ready.

Number 1: My self-care must be dependent only on me.

My favorite people to spend time with are my husband and my daughters but they are not always available to offer me the care I need. If I made my daily self-care dependent on them, I might not get what I need when I need it. Therefore, I make sure the only person required to complete my care is me.

Number 2: My self-care must be micro-sized, something I can complete in three – five minutes.

When I make my self-care practice small, I can never blame “not having enough time.” Instead, I lower my expectations by implementing care in small doses which can be available to me at any time during the day or night.

Number 3: I celebrate the completion of my self-care whenever I remember to do it.

Neurobiology tells us how much our brains crave completion. When I honor myself by doing what I say I am going to do, AND I pause to celebrate and claim, “I did it,” I am more likely to continue the behavior. In our BFPP staff family we take this celebration one step further by having accountability partners we report to around our self-care goals. This added step helps us stay connected and it gives us the additional motivation to take care of ourselves.

During these difficult times when we are navigating a loss in our community, when the season is shifting to darkness, when the social climate is fraught with tension, and when our physical health is being challenged, we all need fierce self-care in ways we’ve never needed before. As you work so tirelessly to provide so much for others, please also make this time for yourself.

With love and care,


Harvest festival tonight~ more Friday night events to come!

Join us for a costume parade, ‘spooky’ radio plays presented by the Zip! Zap! Theater Class, and a chance to connect with our BFPP community.

Tonight from 6:30-7:30pm

Zoom Link:

Hope to see you there!

~Hosted by Maestra Carol and Teacher Karen

**Be on the lookout in November for more Friday Community Night events!**

**Fridays, 6:30-7:30pm on Zoom! More info coming soon**

Thank you Caroll! Thank you Diane!

Please meet the wonderful humans tucked in among those piles of books stacked high in the BFPP office. Diane Bergquist on the left, and Caroll Chambers on the right, are the people to thank for sorting and handling every book or digital order, purchase, database code, label, and more ultimately preparing the distribution into your hands.

We are incredibly honored and grateful for their hard work behind the scenes ensuring individualized learning materials for every single one of our 480 students. For families with and/or still awaiting materials, that is where the magic happens, what it looks like, and who is making it happen. A thank you from your heart to theirs in spirit or action are invaluable keeping us connected with you and our passionate work.

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Survey time - please share your thoughts

Dear BFPP Community,

As we prepare for our second quarter together, we’d like to take an opportunity to gather feedback about our partnership so far. One way we do that is by asking for your input using a quick Survey Monkey. We will use your responses to continue building programming that is relevant to who we are as a community and what we need at this time.

Please take a couple minutes—our Survey Monkey algorithm is saying these 5 questions will take approximately 3 minutes—to fill out this survey by Tuesday, November 3rd.

You can find it here: We appreciate your time and commitment to our program.

In Partnership,

The BFPP Staff

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Math & Science in Conversation ~ Nov. 4th @11am

This workshop, facilitated by teacher Randy Leventhal, will focus on listening for, noticing, and cultivating the ways we access and apply our critical reasoning skills in conversation. In big and small groups we will observe and practice in what is referred to as “math talk” or “science talk” highlighting ways to hear this daily discourse.

During this interactive workshop you will experience a scenario and debrief it following. At the end you will have a contextualized experience to transfer toward your home learning, as well as a tool to cultivate, guide, and facilitate math and science in conversation.

Please RSVP for a spot by Nov. 2nd to

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Homeschooling 101 ~ Nov. 4th @ 10-11:30am

New to homeschooling? Join BFPP teacher and homeschooler Erin McCarthy, for this workshop focusing on the philosophical shift and home management techniques that support families in their role as primary educators. Basically, we’ll be taking the energy of “Yayyy, I’m homeschooling!!” and addressing the “Well, now what?!”

Enrollment will be limited to foster engagement and interaction, so please RSVP at (by 11/3) for the Zoom link.

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Show your school spirit (and maybe take care of some holiday shopping) with our new items: baseball caps, fleece beanies, water bottles and tote bags. We also have tee-shirts and sweatshirts for kids and adults.

Drop off your order forms and payment during Wednesday material pick-up times at BFPP (9-11am and 4:30-5:30pm) or make other arrangements with the office (360-676-6424).

Deadline for orders is Friday, November 20th. Items should be here before the winter holiday break.

Please contact Sue Watson with questions.

Scholastic Book Order

This will be our last order before the winter holidays!

Please place your online order by Friday, November 20th.

New to ordering? Here’s how:

1. Go online to:

2. Click on 'Connect to a Teacher' and enter our BFPP Class Code: RT8NH

3. Sign up using your student's first and last name.

4. Shop the flyers and pay online for your order. You can choose from any and all of the many different flyers available. You can choose to have your order shipped to school for free, or to your home (free with $25 purchase).

5. Please email Heidi Zollner and let her know you've ordered so we can arrange delivery of your books.

6. Books should arrive the second week of December.

Thanks for supporting the BFPP library with your purchase!

Every purchase earns us free books and other goodies for our school.

BFPP Village Books Day

Mark your calendars for Tuesday, December 8th - It's Village Books Day for BFPP! As they did last year, Village Books is generously donating 20% of our purchases on this day to our school library. This is a wonderful chance to support our local bookstore and our school at the same time. Stay tuned for more info!

Mock Student election materials

Washington State has some great resources available to walk kids through the voting process. The materials answer questions such as: How do I register to vote in Washington? How do I cast a ballot? How is my ballot counted? and What are ballot measures? Thanks to fellow BFPP parent Jon H. for sharing this neat opportunity!

WWU Flips for Reading

Combine your students' love of read alouds with the world of science! Join us for free, engaging, interactive sessions led by Woodring College of Education Teacher Candidates. These free sessions are designed for 3rd to 5th grade learners to explore fun science topics through children's literature. Join us for 3 days (1 day per week) of fun: Nov. 17th, Nov. 24th, and Dec. 1st from 1:30-2:15pm. Sign up here.

marine life center

Looking for a fun outing? The Marine Life Center on Roeder Ave. is open 10am-1:30pm Mondays for walk-ins and Wednesdays and Saturdays by appointment. Groups are limited to 5 and masks are mandatory. Half-hour visiting slots can be reserved via email.
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