Math at Chesterbrook!

A look into number talks in classrooms...

Math "Mission" This Year...

How do we help students make sense of mathematics?

The focus of our training this year is to help teachers create the conditions that will help us build mathematically proficient students. We have spent the first half of the year building understanding of Problem Solving and Number Talks. These two practices are the pillars of mathematical thinking. All of the rest of the Standards for Mathematical Practice serve to support and deepen those practices.

When teachers create the opportunities for students to experience mathematics through The Standards for Mathematical Practice, our students will build a deeper understanding of the skills and concepts that will help them make sense of mathematical ideas.

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Learning at the Primary Pond Number Talk Advice...

How do you get students to come up with strategies independently?

When I started our Number Talks at the beginning of the year, students had NO prior experience with this routine. They were not used to solving problems mentally or having to explain their answers. It was definitely a challenge at first, but here are some things that I did to make our Number Talks successful:

  • I did some modeling, but only at the very beginning. I provided a lot of support and prompting during the first few weeks of Number Talks. After that, I relied on the kids to model strategies for each other.
  • I kept a running anchor chart of strategies handy. On our math bulletin board, I had an anchor chart that we continuously added to. When I taught a strategy during our regular math lesson, I added it to the chart and mentioned how it might be helpful to use during our daily Number Talk.
  • I gave them no other option than to come up with strategies and answers on their own. Even if the kids struggled with a problem, I did not intervene. I never provided a correct answer or told a child that their answer was wrong or right. I placed full responsibility on the kids to solve the problems, and they rose up to this challenge. If a problem had given them a lot of trouble, I would have dropped it and returned to it later – but I actually never had to do this!

Kindergarten Number Talks!

I was delighted to join Kindergarten as they shared their Number Talk and tried out a new one. I love the different ways they solved this problem and how they described it!
Kinder Math Talk

First Grade Number Talks!

First graders are experimenting with a variety of number talks! Discussing problem solving steps, mental math strategies, and various ways to compose and decompose number is helping us strengthen our number sense!

Second Grade Math Journals

Third Grade--Don't Let the Pigeon Solve the Math Problem!

Fourth/Fifth Grade Problem Solving Journals!

Technology Integrated Math!

This is a "Tech Talk" conversation Candice led with 1st graders and the padlet they used. They connected the terms horizontal and vertical to tables in Excel and Max Count.

Tech Talk Parts of a Spreadsheet

How can we show evidence of this?

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