Stella Rock Stars!

Set your goals high and don't stop until you get there!

Let's celebrate YOU!!

Congratulations on an amazing February!! I am so inspired by all of you and everything you have accomplished so far. There are so many success stories, but there are three in particular that I want to share and celebrate with you. All three of these women have one thing in common. They set a goal and didn't stop until they reached it! No matter what stood in their way. "Setting a goal is the first step in turning the invisible into visible." Tony Robbins

Sharon Metcalfe - promoted to Senior Stylist!

Congratulations to Sharon on her well deserved promotion!!! I couldn't be happier for Sharon and all of her success. She will be celebrating her two year Stellaversary soon and said she loves that she has been able to embrace her business, make it fit into her life, and work at her own pace. She attributes her recent success to the Twelve Days of Booking Blitz we did in October. Sharon overcame many obstacles and didn't let "NO" get her down! She booked her Twelfth show in the Twelfth hour and accomplished her goal. Not only did she book 12 shows, overcome her fears, make lots more commissions, book from those shows, and sponsor....she now has a solid foundation to work from and is set up to have a strong Spring selling season. "It can be intimidating to see Stylists launch strong out of the gate and promote to Star in 60 days. But by putting my blinders on and pecking away at it, little by little, I've realized it really is doable." Way to go Sharon!!

Tracey Books in Tight!!

I'm so inspired by Tracey Pittman's tenacity and determination of reaching her February goal! Tracey re launched her business in January and gave herself a goal to get qualified with $500 retail by the end of the month. On Monday she was sitting at $199 in sales with nothing on books. She picked up the 10,000 pound telephone and called until she found someone that would book in tight for Thursday. Only one problem! The hostess didn't want to have it at her house. Tracey said, "No problem! Let's just have a girls night out with margaritas at the Mexican restaurant and do it there". After overcoming several other obstacles, she had the show booked and set to be held on the last day of the month. Six guests attended and she sold over $500 at the show and booked two trunk shows!!! I love the determination she showed in not giving up until she reached her goal!!!

Amy is ready to take advantage of March!!

Amy Alfieri has 12 shows on the books and is ready "to take advantage of March and pay for Hoopla"! Amy told me that by taking part in the "win Brad's jewels" booking blitz, she gained the confidence to realize that she could really do this! Picking up the phone was all it took to fill her calendar. Now, Amy has given herself clear cut goals and has a trunk show schedule that will take March by storm! Not only does she have 12 shows on the books, but she has implemented opportunity events into her business and is sponsoring and building her team. She is also registered for Hoopla and realizes that all she has to do, is book a few extra shows and it will pay for itself! Can't wait to celebrate with her in Vegas!