Smith Newsletter

May 6, 2016

Smith Elementary

Smith Staff will collaborate to inspire and connect to each child by knowing every name and need to ensure success.

Happy Mother's Day!!!

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Student Council loved playing Bingo with the residents at Victoria Gardens.

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1st grade learns lifecycles by hatching a baby chick!

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STAAR Mon, Tues, Wed: No visitors

May 9- 3rd and 4th grade STAAR Math, 5th grade STAAR Math Retake

May 10- 3rd and 4th grade STAAR Reading, 5th grade STAAR Reading Retake, FISD Scholarship Night

May 11- 5th grade STAAR Science

May 12- 5:00 Open House, 6:00 Kinder Performance, 6:30 Final PTA Meeting

May 13- Field Day, Smith Senior Reunion 4:30 pm in the library

May 18 - Star Wars Day (reward from Jump Rope for Heart)

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Third, Fourth and Fifth grade students will be taking the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) tests on May 9-11, 2016.

May 9—3rd grade and 4th grade Math STAAR, 5th grade retest of Math

May 10-3rd grade and 4th grade Reading STAAR, 5th grade retest of Reading

May 11-5th grade Science STAAR

There are several things that you can do to help your child be successful on this test.

· Make sure your child gets a good night’s sleep the night before the test.

· Prepare a healthy breakfast for your child on the morning of the test.

· Have your child arrive at school on time that morning to avoid feeling rushed.

· Provide your child with a non-messy snack to eat during testing.

· Do not schedule any medical appointments for your child on test day.

· Please do not plan to eat lunch with your child on test day.

· Finally, send your child to school with a hug and words of encouragement.

Please note, cell phones are not allowed in the classroom during testing. Thank you for your support in preparing your son or daughter for the STAAR test. Please contact me if you have any questions.

A Fun Week for Teacher Appreciation

Thank You PTA and Room Representatives!!!

It's that time again students! The 2nd Annual Smith FIT Kids Pushups Challenge is making it's way back to our school starting May 9th! What is the Pushups Challenge all about you ask?

  • FUN and FRIENDLY way to include other schools in our mission to be a "Healthy Zone" School
  • A great way to build total body strength while building confidence and school spirit
  • Your mission is to complete 50 push ups each day for 14 days
  • Variations of the push up are welcome (there are SO many)
  • You don't have to do them all at once - 5 here, 10 there - just do as many as you can throughout the day
  • Record your efforts on the Smith Kids Push up Challenge Calendar
  • Return your calendars to class so we can keep track of which school will get their names put on the trophy for 2016

I know how EXCITING it was for all the students and staff to get our school's name on the 50 Pushups A Day Trophy! As the reigning champs we are prepared to take the challenge and win again!

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As the weather begins to warm up and students have taken growth spurts over the winter months, please be sure to remember the rules from the student handbook about dress code.


■ Shirts with sleeves must be worn at all times. ■ Shorts that extend to or below the students’ fingertips when their arms are held to their sides are acceptable.


■ Sleeveless tops with a minimum width of two-inch wide straps are acceptable. The shirt straps must be wide enough to cover undergarments. ■ See-through, bare midriff, halter type, shoulder-baring, spaghetti strap blouses or any revealing or low-cut clothing is not permitted. Shirt hems should extend well below the waist of pants/shorts/skirts in a sitting or standing position. ■ Dresses, skirts and shorts must extend to or below the students’ fingertips when their arms are held to their sides. ■ Tights, leggings, jeggings, and other form-fitting pants must be worn with shirts, skirts, or shorts that extend to fingertip length.

Congratulations Smith Star Warriors! Thanks for Kylo Ren and our Storm Trooper!

Popsicle Party - 50 Tickets

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When you are on campus these next few weeks, please be sure to check through the lost and found. We have many jackets that will be donated the last week of May.