Panther Press

Norfolk Junior High

Nursery Rhyme

Suspect in the Garden

Yesterday a carrot in the Croghan Garden was stolen and spotted by what may be the suspect, Peter Rabbit. The owner of the carrot, Mark Croghan, saw Peter rabbit wondering around in the woods by the garden around 1:30 p.m. Croghan also said that he noticed Rabbit looking at the carrot every time he walked by. The investigators think that Rabbit had no money to get to food and stole the carrot. Ivestigators are still questioning Rabbit. More information will be given at a later time.

Feature Story

Luke Byan

Thomas Luther or “Luke Bryan” is an American pop-country singer loved by many country music listeners. Luke Bryan was born in July 17, 1967, in Leesburg, Georgia. Bryan started his career in the mid 2000’s writing songs for Travis Tritt and Billy Currington. Before he did that, he had planned to go to Nashville, Tennessee to attend the Music Industry for college. The night before Bryan went to go after his dreams, his brother had died in a car crash. He decided to stay home with his family to work their family business. Bryan’s sister, Kelly, had inspired him to go to the Music Industry. Later in September 2001,he moved to Nashville. Two months later he signed a songwriting contract with Roger Murrah. Since 2001, Bryan has written 36 songs for himself and has came out with four albums. In 2010,he won his first Academy Country Music Award for top solo vocal artist. He also won another award that night for top new artist. In 2011 and 2012 he came out with a song that won multiple awards called “Don’t Want This Night to End”. Bryan's latest award is Favorite Male Artist at the 2013 American Music Awards. Finally, I'm sure Luke Bryan will write many other good songs and will be remembered when his career ends.

Inspirational Poster


Sidney Woslager is a tall, light woman who enjoys choreographing the Pink Panthers at the Norfolk High Pink Panthers, and she is a dance teacher at Bxtreme Dance Studio in Norfolk, Nebraska. Sidney attended high school at the Norfolk Senior High in Nebraska. Her activities included dancing for the Pink Panthers, track, and yearbook editor. Her first job was at Applebee’s in Norfolk, Nebraska. Later she had gotten a second job at Bomgars. Sidney graduated as a Junior taking summer school every summer to get ahead. After she graduated in 2018, she attended college at the Northeast Community College in Norfolk, Nebraska. She took a lot of science classes to get a degree for a physical therapist. She earned her degree in 2023. After she got married, she had three children. Later Sidney started her own physical therapy business in Pierce, Nebraska. Her business opened July 22, 2028. She has a very successful business getting new clients in everyday. Sidney is now 40-years-old and living in a very cozy house next to her business. She is planning to travel to the Bahamas and Jamaica in the next year or two with her husband.

Argument #2

Agree (to shorten school week)

A four day school week would be nice because the weekend would be longer and the so would the school day. The school periods would be longer for extra learning.

Disagree (not to shorten the school week)

I disagree with this because after school there wouldn't be enough time after school for activities and homework that is due the next day. The homework would keep the students up late and be sleep deprived the next day. The time at school would be longer. With longer school days the school year would be longer. Without the extra time after school the exercises the students would be used to do would be gone. With their exercises gone, obesity could be become an even bigger problem in America today.

Favorite App

Wanelo is an app that you are able to look at brand named clothes and other items.Wanelo stands for want, need, and love. When you download the app or go on the website you either have to sign in or make an account. To make an account you have to sign up with an email account and make a profile. After you make your profile, the site will show website sites to follow so you are able to look at your news feed, and see things from those websites that you followed. When you spot an item that you like, you click on it and there will be two buttons. The green Button, the save button, is there for you to save the item to your profile and go back and buy at a later time if you want to. After you hit save a another page will come up with two options that say things that I like and things I want as a gift. When people go to your profile they can click on buy Sidney or whatever your name is and see the things you have saved as a gift. Finally, when you click on the item you will see another button, the blue button, which is the buy button. After you click on it Wanelo will take you to the site where you are able to buy the item.