Nixon Elementary School

Notes to Connect

Dear Families,

The newness of Spring is still upon us. With leaves on the trees, the landscape outside our homes takes on a different shape. It is good to see that time marches us forward in the most beautiful budding way. We use this as inspiration for our next weeks of school.

There are many experiences that assist with the culmination of our school year. The Grade 5 graduation and accompanied activities are ones that bring joy for all current Nixon students and also our alumni. There are wonderful plans in place to celebrate our Grade 5 children and share the joy of their time within out schoolhouse. Our parent community and Nixon Staff are working closely together to provide these virtual experiences!

We will hold a School Meeting the week of June 8 that will celebrate the our Senora Benson Award as well as student shares of talent.

We look forward to the virtual celebrations of our school. Nixon is our special place, in person or via technology.

Enjoy this long weekend and thank you for your connection and dedication to the collective work for our children.



Nixon Principal

Sign Up For Collection of Student Belongings

Nixon will return students' personal belongings and collect school-issued materials (library books, classroom materials, technology devices) during a curbside exchange at Nixon on Tuesday, June 16 and Wednesday, June 17. Each family will sign-up for a window to come through our car line, receive students' belongings and return any items needed to come back to school.

Over the next two weeks, Nixon staff will be organizing students' belongings and preparing them for your pickup. Materials will be organized by appointment for easy pickup. Only one appointment per family is necessary. When you arrive, we will place items in your trunk or backseat. In that spot, you should have any devices, books or other materials for us to receive from you, preferably in a bag for easy collection.

Our transfer will be contactless. Our staff will have masks and gloves on during this process.

Lost and Found items will be distributed to families if there is a name within the clothing article. Items of unknown owners will be kept until parents and students have the opportunity to visit the Lost and Found upon our return.

Student Medication Pick Up

Nixon School Nurse Anne Chabot will be in touch with the parents of students who have medication at the school to invite to a pickup on Thursday, May 28. You can contact Mrs. Chabot directly at

For Children Transitioning From Nixon To Another School

Please connect with Molly Logan ( if your child will be attending another school next year. This notification is very helpful and allows us to assist you when processing this transition.

Food and Resources for our Sudbury School Community

June 17, 2020 is the last day of school. Please find the SPS School Calendar below.


Monday, May 25

Memorial Day - NO SCHOOL

Thursday, May 28

Student Medication Pickup

Wednesday, June 3

Virtual Kindergarten Parent Orientation

Monday, June 15

1:00 Fifth Grade Beep-Out at Curtis Middle School (Grade 5 families only)

Tuesday, June 16

10:00-3:00 Student Belongings Pickup & Materials Drop off (by appointment)

Wednesday, June 17 - LAST DAY OF SCHOOL

10:00-3:00 Student Belongings Pickup & Materials Drop off (by appointment)