GOT Summer Kick-off Newsletter

Keeping fitness as part of a girl's summer fun!

GOT Summer Fitness Classes


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- GOT Summer Camp 2013: July 29-August 2nd, 9am-1pm, Doyle Park in UTC

Grades 4-12

- High School Circuit Classes: Tuesdays, June 11-July 23, 5:45-6:45pm, Morley Field in

North Park

- 4-8th Grade Circuit Classes Option 1: Tuesdays June 11-July 23, 9:30-10:30am, Morley

Field in North Park

- 4-8th Grade Circuit Classes Option 2: Sundays, June 9-July 28, 3-4pm, Doyle Park in


- Open Yoga in the Park All Ages and Genders: Wednesdays, June 12-July 24,

Pioneer Park in MIssion Hills

- Free Yoga Class for 4-8th Grade Girls June 8th From 9-10am at Seagrove Park in

Del Mar

Fitness, the Game Changer for Girls

No matter what kind of girl she is, the artist, the intellect, the athlete (you get what I mean), fitness is a crucial part of a girl's well being. We have school to fill young minds with knowledge and critical thinking skills, extracurricular clubs to help guide our young women to a sense of community, sports to teach girls how to compete and engage in teamwork at the same time, and a multitude of programs out there aimed at bringing girls together to be empowered and get along.

One important aspect missing amongst programs for girls is the primary focus on fitness as a lifestyle choice vs. to master a skill or compete. Girls On Target not only focuses on fitness made fun, but also encompasses many of the traits girls love so much...a sense of community and teamwork, an outlet for creativity, and a place where girls feel capable and confident. Fitness plays a vital role in obtaining inner confidence and security for ALL types of girls. Girls On Target embraces moving for the love of it!

As many girls near adolescence, they begin to lose their consistent resilience and become less optimistic and curious. Due to the fact that girls are changing drastically during adolescence, they become more aware and critical of their bodies. Thus, taking away some of that carefree, childlike approach to life. Add on a healthy dose of media in a society that targets the teen population, and it's no wonder being a teen girl can sometimes be a stressful and complicated time in life.

Melpomene Institute for Women's Health conducted research on 3,800 female participants and found that at age 11 girls are not primarily concerned with their bodies; they become increasingly concerned with their bodies by age 14, and by 17 years old, girls are critical of almost every body part. While 60% of elementary aged girls reported I am "happy the way I am," by high school, that percentage fell to 29% (American Association of University Women).

Girls who are more fit, tend to view their bodies in a more positive and realistic light. Girls should be taught that moving is good for you, fun, and will make you feel less stressed. Girls also need to know that we are not all meant to look the same, and that healthy and fit does not look only one way. When fitness becomes a consistent part of a young girl's life, she can use it as a tool in all other areas of life. Fitness can be a way for a young girl to blow off steam, think through her argument with a friend, calm down nerves before a test, or just take some time alone and think about nothing at all. Today's girls need these tools!

All in all, fitness is a game changer for adolescent girls. Beyond making girls feel healthier and happier, Girls On Target aims to create a lifestyle choice for girls. Girls On Target classes are here to set young women up for a lifetime of confidence and strength.