Mass Hysteria

Kindu H. 4th Period B-Day

The Crucible

In 1692 Salem, Massachusetts, a young lady name Abigail Williams and a group of teen girls were dancing in the woods. Abigail's Uncle (Reverend Parris) notice they were missing and went looking for them. When he found them in the woods everyone begins to run and hide but his daughter faints. While at home she wouldn't wake up. Reverend Parris was afraid that his name would be bad in the village so he ask Abigail what happened. She says all they were doing was dancing but he thinks they were doing a ritual for the devil. He calls a man name Reverend Hale to see want is wrong. Reverend Hale tells him that she is bewitch but he can help get it out of her. As Abigail hears this she begins saying that she saw people with the devil and Reverend Parris daughter and the other girls add on too. The names that the girls called out are arrested and put on trail. One of the girls name Mary Warren is at the trial knitting a doll together. Late that night she gives the doll to a lady name Elizabeth Proctor wife of John Proctor. John Hale goes to John Proctors house to tell him that his wife is going to be arrested for making her spirit stab Abigail. When they arrive to arrest her, John Proctor tells Mary Warren that they will go to the court house the next day. While at the court house Mary Warren tells the Judge that there are not any witch and that Abigail and the others are lying. The judge told her that since there is no such thing as witchery to faint. When she couldn't John Proctor said that he believed that Abigail was lying to and told that he had an affair with her. The judge ask if his wife knows and he says yes. The judge tells them to get the wife and when she gets there he ask her if her husband was a adultery and she says no. After that Abigail shouts that she see's the devil and runs out the court house. Mary Warren then tells the judge that John Proctor was controlling her to do what she did. John Proctor lies and says its true. They arrest him and Abigail tries to broke him out but he doesn't go. The come and get him and tells him the only way to get out is to confess to not doing it and sign a document. He does at first but the takes it back. For this him and everyone who was arrest except for Elizabeth Proctor ,is hang for being bewitch

Who was involved?

Many character were involved in “The Crucible” but the main characters were Reverend Parris, Abigail Williams, John Proctor, Reverend John Hale, Mary Warren, Elizabeth Proctor, and Deputy Governor Danforth

When and where did it take place?

The Crucible took place in Salam,Massachusetts in 1692

What event spurred the hysteria?

The event that spurred the hysteria was that Abigail and a grip of girls went to the woods and danced to a ritual conducted by Tituba. Reverend Parris (Abigail's Uncle) walked into the woods and frightened everyone. Betty Parris (Reverend Parris daughter) fainted and wouldn't wake up. When the doctor arrived to Reverend Parris house she told him that they were unsure of the cause. A rumor started going around that it was witchcraft which spurred the event.

How were peoples lives impacted?

Peoples lives were impacted by making them think that Satan (the devil) could get into individuals spirits and make them control other people.

Did it alter the course of history? How?

Yes the Crucible did alter history by making people panic that they would be possess by the devil.


The Anthrax Attacks

In 2001, seven days after 9/11, five letters are sent to ABC, NBC, CBS, the New York Post and American Media. After sniffing powder in a letter sent to the American Media

Robert Stevens, who worked in the building is hospitalized. He is diagnosed with inhalational anthrax and dies the next day. Five days after, two more letters were sent to Sens. Tom Daschle and Patrick. Both test positive for anthrax. Three days later a letter sent to NBC News, tested positive for anthrax so the case is turned over to the FBI. About 7 days later two postal employees at the Brentwood post office in D.C., named Thomas L. Morris Jr. and Joseph P. Curseen, die of anthrax exposure. After about five more days 61 year old, Kathy Ngyuen is diagnosed with inhalational anthrax and dies two days later. After many cases of this President Bush announces that it is another terrorist attack on the U.S. Several days later 91 year old Ottile Lundgre dies from anthrax. The location that the anthrax matches is the area a Doctor by the name of Bruce Ivins works. After he finds out that the FBI is going to press charges he dies from a drug overdose. The FBI concludes that he was the man behind the anthrax attack.

Who was involved?

The Anthrax Attacks involved terrorists and thousands of U.S. citizens

When and where did it take place?

The Anthrax Attacks occurred 7 days after 9/11 dated September 18, 2001 and happened all around the United States

What event spurred the hysteria?

The event that spurred the Anthrax attacks was the 9/11 attack which the terrorists wanted to kill more U.S.citizens.

How were people's lives impacted?

The Anthrax attacks impacted people's lives by making U.S. citizens afraid to check their mail box

Did it alter the course of history? How?

Yes this incident did alter history because several people died from the anthrax that was put in the mail and now that terrorists are attacking, the U.S. are unsure that it will happen again

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