Aye there beliebers, - Please read it till the end -

Does anyone realize we are wanting to see him shirtless not seeing him smile?

We want new music but we are lazy to vote?

He is our everything.. I know. He is our world .. But dont you think we are being very dramatic and we worry about hate not about him anymore? Its time to do something about it. You see the sadness on his face? Although he tweets he is happy .. but you ALL know he is annoyed and sad from the ' Booing ' and ' Hate ' . We can change that.

If you really want to make it change.. then read this and spread it as much as you can.

So as most of you have summer vacation now, you could take a few minutes to do this.

I need you to take a picture or do online an image of :

*You holding a purple heart shaped paper saying ' I Love You,Kidrauhl' or ' Im never leaving you, I promise'

*a blank paper without you holding it if you dont want to/cant do so with ' Id rather see your real smile than you shirtless

*Make an online picture in a website ( e.g. / / ) with any kidrauhl memories

DO NOT tweet it till June 20, the day of the event. Basically on June 20 we will all tweet it to Justin when he is online, if you couldn't find him on, then do it while he is off. INCASE Justin wont tweet that day, then its postponed to June 21, etc.

That day, also help trend: #BeingABeliebersIsAPromise #WeWontLeaveYouKidrauhl

Use them in your tweets on that day.

HELP US SPREAD THE WORD. Stop being lazy and lets make do something for him in return .. he did for us so much.

Love you guys ~ @B3L13B3Rforever