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Written by: Sophia Tang

These small little silver things may be useless to you, but help out a lot at the Ronald McDonald House. Help your classroom collect gallons of these pop-tabs used to make a difference. In the end, it’ll all be worth it because your class not only helps others but, gets a pizza party if you collect the most pop-tabs. You have until the end of February to collect as much as you can! So let’s make a difference together Eagles!

A little reminder for my fellow quiz bowl friends, every Saturday from 10-12 am, we have practice. It is optional, but very important to the success of our team! I would like to give a special thanks to Mrs.Mason, Mr. and Mrs. Leboyd, and every Quiz bowl parent for all your help and support this year.

Special day on February 14: Valentine’s day!!! So what do you say? Let’s give chocolates and love to everyone who special to you . Especially your family. Give lots of love to them.


Written by: Chloe Nichols

The Springdale Journalism Club would like to give a big congratulations to Mrs. Ricketson on her engagement! You deserve the best! You’re going to make a wonderful wife! Also congratulations to our very own Sophia Tang on coming in 1st place in the Spelling Bee. Also congratulations to Javonte Luke for taking 2nd place in this event. Congratulations to Sophia Ollie on winning the Geography Bee and to Henry Bullard for coming in 2nd place. Keep up the good work Eagles!

Movie Review: Star Wars

Written by: Kendall

I’m here to give you a review on the new blockbuster “Star Wars the Force Awakens”. It was a blast to watch in IMAX 3D and was done well for the format it was shown in. The night I went the theater was packed with fans ready to watch the new movie! There were even people dressed up for this exciting Star Wars event. For fans of the whole series, this new movie will have all your favorite attributes from the original movies.It even includes loved characters like Chewbacca, Han Solo, and the Mellinial Falcoln. Over all this Star Wars movie is a wonderful addition to the series.

Fun Fact for the month!

Written by: Danny Howell

Did you know that while there are only 26 letters in the English alphabet, there are about 1,025,109.8 words in the English language?

Submit to your newsletter!

Written by: Maddie Jackson

Students don't forget that you may make submissions to your newsletter! Submit your own writing for a chance to have it published and sent out to the whole school. Just turn in your piece to the office with your name, teacher, and grade. Thanks so much Eagles!