Some Gifts Burn

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A Gift or A Curse?

16 year old Corrine's first instinct was to grab hold of her sister, and keep her safe, but when a huge storm comes, her sister slips and falls backwards on some rocks. Of course Corrine is there to keep her alive, but as she touches her there is a blinding color surge from Corrine's hands and kills her little sister. Corrine would never be the same. A year later Corrine and her family move to New Orleans, where they could have a fresh start, no friends, no connection, no chance of hurting anyone. But as she meets Dylan a hot talented artist, she opens her eyes to new possibility, that maybe be around people 's energy is a gift not a curse. Can Corrine escape her strange, deadly, unwanted power?

Recommended Books!

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Sometimes the best things in life, begin with the worst ideas.....

This sexy love story, starts out with Kylie Flores, a senior graduate all ready for graduation to finally come, just so she can escape high school bullies like Lily Green, who is rich, pretty, and has everything going for her, especially her boyfriend, Max Langston quarterback/ captain of the football team. But when he meets Kylie after knocking her books out her hand, he seems to have an eye for her. Kylie thought it would be a good idea to have her one last night of freedom before she heads to college, and since Cochella (Music Festival) is right around the corner, she thought "Why not?", but as she is heading there, her laptop is stolen, and she must get back. But once Max finds out he tags along on the rescue mission. After finally getting back her laptop Max and Kylie got stuck in Mexico, so they dance the night away, got drunk, dance at a club, went to a Mexican party, and... got married, after a night full of surprises, Kylie woke up to a naked Max, hoping nothing happened, but also that it was GRADUATION DAY!! But even in worse news Lily walks in, heartbroken, and relieved. They must all race back so Kylie can make her Valedictorian, and Graduate. Will they make it in time?
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One Blog, Many Emotions, Lots of Questions & Answers

The Girl online follows the life of a Penny, a young blogger, who has a lot of questions about growing up, so she wrote them all in a blog. But when she goes on a family vacation to Europe and meets hot rockstar Noah, and sweeps her off her feet, she feels like she sees the new perspective of love, life, and growing up. But when Noah invites her on tour with him and his band, she looks to her blog for advice, and hopes she makes the right decision in the end.
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Go Ahead Binge!

This book teaches you how to live life to the fullest, no matter how bad your life bad. It teaches you that not everything is going to be ok, and other times that it is going to be the time of your life. And this books has the all the answers and challenges, and how to solve. So go ahead BINGE??