fourth amendment

nikolaus gonzales block 5 December 11th, 2014

definition of the fourth amendment

the right of the people to be secure in their persons,houses,papers,and effects,against unreasonable searches and seizures,shall not be violated,and no warrants shall issue,but upon probable cause,supported by oath or affirmation,and particulary describing the place to be searched,and the persons or things to be seized.

court case

Boyd vs united states= Boyd was charged for importing more duty- free glass. the goverment took Boyd to court because they searched his office and found he was doing this on purpose but Boyd felt violated of the right to be secure from unusual search.

my scenario

John was at his house just watching his tv. Then the FBI came to his house. They said open the door, he said no. so they kicked down the door. then they started searching his house for drugs because someone said he was selling drugs. John felt he was being violated of the fourth amendment. the right from unneccesary search. so he sued them.