Esteban Marquez

Inspired by Rudy


Teachers/Coaches: Mrs Crenshaw is always there to motivate me to do better, I know that I can trust her becasue she struggled to make me a better person and she brought out the best in me.

Relatives: I always spend times with my cousins and they are really important to me so I know for a fact that I can ask them for help becasue they are my family.

Friends: All my friends motivate me to do better so I cannot just choose them individually.

Setting Goals

Academic Goals: I am going to try to get into Standford or John Hopkins University.

Athletic Goals: I am going to try to stay fit so I won't get lazy.

Personal Goals: I am going to try to stay close to my family becasue they motivate me to do better.

Your Personal Action Plan

Attitude/Motivation Plan: I am going to need to stay as confident as possible becasue confidence is going to motivate me.

Education/Training Plan: I am really going to try to get the best grades possible beacuse the universities that I want to apply to are really hard to get into.

Plan for Acquiring Needed Skills: I need to avoid the things that will get in the way of my success,doing that will help me stay on the right path to success.

Plan for Study and Practice: I am going to need to improve my studying skills if I want to get into the universities that I want. To do so I will study hardcore and ask for help if needed.

Overcoming Obstacles

Physical Obstacles: I need to exercise more often so my brain in always active and ready to go.

Family Obstacles: I am going to spend more time with my family becasue one day I will be to busy with school and other things so I want to spend my time wisely becasue life is precious.

School Obstacles: I need to participate more often at school, in class and clubs.

Financial Obstacles: I need to start using my money more wisely and maybe start saving for college.