What the World Doesn't Know

Unbelievable creature caught on tape.

New Creature Discovered in North America

A young boy at the age of seven years old had caught an animal on tape. It wasn't just any animal, it was an animal that no scientists had ever seen before. It looked like a shark with horse-like legs. This seven year old boy was playing football with his cousin when they said that this animal appeared out of the woods. "I couldn't believe my eyes.", said Bobby, the seven year old boy.

As the two boys explained this situation, it sounded like it just popped out of the woods. But after watching the tape several times, it appeared to come out of nowhere. Also, they said that after this creature appeared, it galloped away but was making a barking sound. And, this shark/horse was eating dandelions and then ran back into the woods.

After this incident occurred, scientists realized that this animal existed seven hundred years ago. They also found ancient artifacts leading to this creature. If anyone has further questions, please visit www.sharkandhorsecombinationinformation.com. Also, if anyone sees this creature again, we would like a full description about what this animal was doing, and where it appeared.

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