Chequamegon - SOAR!

Planning for at home schooling

Chequamegon High School and Class ACT Charter High School are Prepared!

School Expectations - Plan for success

All students will experience online learning at some point in their lives. Online learning is different and may require new skills. Here are a few recommendations:

  • Help your teen by setting up a daily schedule.
  • Ask your teen to show you evidence of their work. Make them do it over if it is less than it should be. School staff and parents need to join together for this to work.
  • Encourage solution-based thinking. "Let's figure this out."
  • Encourage them to ask for help, and then ask again.
  • If they say, "I can't do it!" Try "Well, show me what you can do and we can start there." or "Is there someone we can contact?"
  • CSD Virtual Learning Expectations

Things that are in the planning stages

  • The school building is going to be deep cleaned during this closure.
  • Your teen's teachers will have scheduled "virtual office hours"
  • School staff are working on a work-exchange plan for work that can not be accessed or returned digitally
  • Parents can help by paying close attention to emails, our website, Facebook or other communications

Expect them to help you

Include in their daily schedule a cleaning duty.

  • Consider a painting project.
  • Clean the refrigerator, and behind it
  • Pick a closet and declutter

The goal is to have them feel a sense of purpose and accomplishment every day.

How to handle a stressed teen

  • I encouraged your teens to check in with you and I am encouraging parents to check in with their teens. Spend time with them in conversation first, then ask them about their schoolwork and other responsibilities.
  • Reassure your teen that this is temporary.
  • Community counseling services are open. Sometimes accessing counseling is hard because you don't have time. Take advantage of this unique situation to concentrate on the concerns you might have with your teen.
  • Your school counselors are available as well.
  • Consider how you express frustration about cancellations or schedule changes. This is bigger than us. Teach them how to think flexibly. Help them see others managing greater struggles well.
  • BEST advice ever - seek out people that are calm and positive and reduce exposure to negativity. Clean your social media feed of people that share negative drama.
  • Teens under stress may behave more immaturely than you normal. This is a sign to play cribbage, monopoly, or some other activity.

Please use our events calendar to follow the event cancellations - It is located on the bottom left of our website

  • Prom - rescheduled to April 18

  • Play - rescheduled to April 24, 25, 26

  • The Parent-Teacher Conferences - that were scheduled for March 24 are canceled - staff will call specific students as needed

  • The Soaring Eagles academic pep rally that was scheduled for Wednesday, March 18 moved to Tuesday, April 14.

  • Soaring Eagle breakfast that was scheduled for March 20 moved to Friday, April 17.

  • Learn to Connect - Cancelled. Reschedule TBD

  • The reunification tabletop that was scheduled for Tuesday, March 17 is postponed. Date TBD

  • Fitness Center Closed beginning Wednesday

  • The Listening Sessions are going to take place this week as planned. Thursday's session will be moved from the city Library (which is closed) to the High School Library. All other times and places will remain the same.

  • FBLA State is canceled

  • Forensics is Cancelled

  • Solo and Ensemble Cancelled

  • Large Group Band is cancelled

All Children Can Have a School Breakfast Delivered to Your Home!

Chequamegon School District is committed to taking care of our students during the state-wide school closure, including their nutritional needs. Basically, this would mean delivering breakfast and lunch (one delivery) to each home where student/s, who choose to be served, reside. The meals would be dropped off by setting them in the most convenient spot (front stoop, etc.) to avoid unnecessary human contact, beginning Wednesday, March 18th.

To make this happen, we need information regarding how many students will have meals delivered to their homes in case the school is closed. We can then plan in advance for supplies and delivery routes. Please review the following information to help you decide whether or not you want meals delivered:

  • Delivery will take place one time per day, in the morning, and will include a breakfast and a lunch for each child that is enrolled in the Chequamegon District at that address.

  • The meals will include items that meet federal nutrition standards.

  • Meals will be free to all children ages preschool through grade 12.

  • The items included in the meals will change each day.

  • If you choose to receive meal delivery, they will be delivered to the same address for the entire duration of the school closing, unless special circumstances cause you to need additional meals. If that occurs, please contact your school secretary.

  • If you open enroll out of the District, Chequamegon will deliver your meals. If you open enroll in the District, your meals will come from your resident District

Based on the information above, please fill out the form below and send it back with your child TOMORROW (March 17) if you choose to have meals delivered. This information will help us create our final delivery list. OR Complete the online form linked here!