Local News Update

Bob Sheldon Dead

Louis, New York East Side

Late last night, Bob sheldon was killed. Everyone is freaking out! Who did it? Where is the killer? All members of the group refused to be interviewed except Randy Adderson. Witness Randy Adderson was interviewed this morning. He gratefully shared his side of the story.

Randy, Bob, and a few others were walking through the park. They were enjoying there saturday night, but they felt like they were being followed. All of a sudden two boys came up to them and threatened them. The two boys chased them down to a fountain were they were cornered. "They had been drinking," Randy states.

The younger looking boy grabbed a member of our group and started to drown him in the fountain. Randy tried to help but the older guy pushed him away. The younger boy let him go and he laid on the ground passed out. Bob then tried to punch the older boy and thats when he struck him in the stomach with the knife, and ran away with his buddy. Randy and the rest of the group ran immediately went to their cars and went to the police station.


  • " I saw a boy being held down to the fountain."
  • " The two guys where huge"
  • " I saw Bobs group hurting to boys"

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