IDEA Vocab


The process of revealing the personality of a character.
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The picture above is an example of characterization, the person shaking his friends hand is secretly the person stabbing them in the back.

Flat Character

A simple character who does not display internal conflict
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Pressly is a very flat character, to doesn't talk about his problems.

Round Character

A complex character who displays internal conflicts
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Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games Trilogy was a very round character, who cried multiple times in the 2 movies.

Static Character

A character who stays the same throughout the story
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In American Sniper, The main character, Chris Kyle was a very static character throughout. He didn't change very much, except a little at the end.

Dynamic Character

A character who changes throughout the story
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In the game Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare , The owner of Atlas, the private militia, switched over on the U.S. and let Chicago and many states get nuked. He knew it was coming and didn't warn them which made him very fake. He was a very dynamic character

Internal Conflict

A struggle that takes place within a character's mind
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In GTA V, Franklin, one of the 3 main characters, was split between who to kill because they wanted him to kill both of his best friends which gave him an internal conflict.