The (Rule for) Beggars

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The problem for beggars in Indonesia is that big cities have started to ban giving money to beggars. Getting caught giving money to beggars is punishable by a fine of 500,000 to 1,000,000 rupiahs. These laws have already been implemented in the cities of Depok and Jakarta and are soon to be in Semarang City. The reason for the ban is that people are turning to begging to make more money than they would at their normal day job. Some beggars even have millions of rupiahs. Government officials worry that the economy will become imbalanced and no important jobs will be filled.
Street Monkey In Mask in Indonesia
As you can see in the video, beggars are very desperate. They rent trained monkeys to help them beg, but what does that say about the beggars? Some beggars don't do it out of necessity but out of laziness and greed.
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The homeless and hungry are the people who really need money, but most people recommend giving beggars food because they will have to eat it and won't waste it.
In the above article, it tells of beggar syndicates being in larger cities. This means that there is a hierarchy, and people who are well off are at the top.

What You (Americans) Can Do About It

Ignore beggars anywhere. Beggars become lazy if they receive money. If you feel like you must give something to a beggar, give them food or water that you know will go to good use.