CBPA Tech Updates

November 2013

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New Computer Roll-out

The new computer roll-out schedule has been delayed due to problems with the imaging software. District Technology Administrators are working on this issue.

As soon as we get word, Arthur and I will image the machines. If you have followed the procedures sent out earlier, you will get your new machine first. We will then send a sign-up for those who need some assistance or are having difficulties with transferring your data. Click here for the link to the document for backing up information.

Microsoft Office Changes

New Spelling Curriculum Flipcharts

Flipcharts for the new spelling curriclum will be available on December 4th through the Promethean Share website. http://www.anoka.k12.mn.us/prometheanshare

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Homework Updates for Families through Google Apps!

Used mostly at the middle and high school levels, google apps has proven to be a great tool for student use as well as for staff. Now, another useful way to use this tool as a paperless tool to keep families informed on events, homework, or even ideas to help their child at home. By creating a document that you can edit, and sharing the link with viewing rights with your families, you put the responsibility back in their hands. You could even create the document to model you planners so that as you fill this out with students each day, it is automatically updated! Click Here to see an example.

Staff Quicklinks

Did you know that all the links you could possibly ever need are at your fingertips off the CBPA webpage? Check out the resources available at www.anoka.k12.mn.us/cbpames!