The Feeding of Five Thousand

Mark 6:30-44

A Little History of Mark's Gospel

The author of the gospel of Mark is anonymous, however it is assumed to be Mark as the author. The gospel was written in South Galilee or Syria, during 66-73 CE. It was written for Dispora Jew and Gentiles, and was originally written in Greek. The author's purpose for writing this was to reunite the faith because during that time, Jews had just faced the Jewish Roman war.

Miracle Story: Work of Wonder

Mark 6:30-44 tells us a story of Jesus performing a miraculous miracle of providing for his followers. When the people were hungry and there was no food around they ask Jesus if they could go back to town to get food. However, Jesus takes five loaves of bread and two fish and multiplies it, to feed five thousand men. Everyone had eaten and was satisfied

Feeding 5000 - English

Deeper Information and Meanings

Not only does this story of Jesus feeding a great multitude occur in the gospel of Mark, but it is also featured in Matthew, Luke, and John. The author which is assumed to be Mark (otherwise annonymous) writes about a feeding of 5000 which is highly contrasted to the macbre banquet of Herod. Herod's banquet is a birthday celebration for only a select upper class. It was held in a palace. Jesus offers a banquet in this story however it is held for ordinary people on green grass and everyone is welcome and invited. These two banquet scenes embody the contrast between the followers of Jesus and the people with power.

The introduction (Mark 6:30-34) of the narrative highlights the evolving picture of Jesus. It shows the difference between Jesus' desire for solitude and his care and concern for the large multide of people who come from all different places. Mark portrays the strong emotions of Jesus, when the crowds prevent Jesus and his disciples from enjoying the solitude they sought (Mark 6:31), and Jesus shows his surprising compassion. Also a metaphor can be found in this story. The feeding could actually mean teaching, and the eating of bread meaning learning wisdom.

Mark writes this Gospel for Jews, to instill faith in them. They were undergoing a hard time in history, being oppressed by the Romans. Another reason he does this is to show how Jesus is better than the Roman god Edesia who was the goddess of food and drink and feasting. Mark wrote this story to show its readers that Jesus can do miracles that are better than the ones a Roman god can do. The whole purpose of this was ensure to the Jews that they were following Jesus, someone better than any Roman god.


The feeding of 5000 was another of the many miracle stories that Mark had written. One of the main themes in this story is faith because it seemed impossible for anyone to find food in a remote location where Jesus was teaching. Mark probably wrote this miracle story to provide and restore faith to the audience of his gospel. Jesus shows in this story that he cares for his people and will provide for them. Jesus didn't let them go out into town to buy food. He did a miracle to help his people prosper.