Crystal Villamor


I'm really good at recoloring, designing, and editing stuff. Every time I upload a custom, people always ask me if I can make them one x-x, Anyways at the end I do. I think i'm good at it since it's fun and people like them.
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Drawing was always my favorite thing to do as a little kid. I think i'm getting better at it since every time I draw something it looks better the next time I draw it. I like to draw since it expresses your feelings.
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Problem solving

When i'm stuck and keep dying from other players I think up strategies so I can kill them before they kill me. Some times if they're too good I just think up some way I can attack while defending myself from the hits. When towering me and my guild think of ways to take over the tower, 75% of the time we get it 25% of the time we don't.
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