Hockley County

By Emil Aaltonen

Hockley County

Hockley County is located in north Texas.

The Hockley County capital is Levelland.There is 9000 sq miles in Hockley county but only 23 thousand people so there is lots of space!

Hockley County oil

There is a massive reservoir of oil underneath Hockley County called slaughter field just waiting for YOU to come and drill it and get rich.The ammount of oil is so big that in 1982 the oil companies got 1,203,962,293 dollars worth of petroleum processing. Evidence of oil still being there is that in 2012 oilers found millions of barrelsof oil.
But if you don't like the idea of drilling oil there is two things you can do that are very popular in Hockley county. They are farming and ranching. Even now there are thousands of acres of farmland and several ranches for sale just waiting for you to buy.