A Drink Full of Flavor



Hello everybody, today I will like to present to you the detailed review for one of the advertisements found on Starbucks (https://youtu.be/Dr1UQ1ZSUig) . We all know that Starbucks is one of the most famouse coffee shops we know of. Many people come to Starbucks, so they can have a refreshing start of the morning with a beverage, or dessert. I will like to show you some of the ways Starbucks advertises their products.

Who is the Audience of this Advertisement?

The audience of this advertisement is mostly adults ,or for people who are in the age intervals twenty to fifty. The reason behind this is because most adults like to drink coffee or warm beverages than teenagers and children.
Starbucks ad

What technique did they use to present their product?

In order to present this product in a effective way they used the following techniques. In this advertisement they showed that Starbucks has every item they need to have a refreshing time. They showed that Starbucks provides them with meat sandwiches, creamy muffins ,and amazing, warm beverages. To make this advertisement look more attractive they created it in an animated format. They have also mentioned some environment friendly facts about their product. For example, they have told us that their cups are made out of 100% recycled paper. In the background, there is music which is calm because it matches the form of the advertisements.

I agree with their form of advertising because they did not use any false advertisement strategies. They used an nice and calm way of presenting their message. They easily told the audience that they have every item in their store.

Do I agree to their strategy?

Yes, I agree to their strategy because they have not used any false advertising techniques. If they wanted they could have created a false look for their meat burger which would have made it looked more attractive. unlike that, they have used a cartoon format and have efficiently presented their messages.

How would I create this add differently?

I would not do the add differently because I believe that they have presented it in a very nice manner and have fulfilled all categories of presenting this add.