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September 4, 2015

Mid-Term Next Friday

Friday, September 11th is Mid-Term Day at SMS. It is the half-way point in our first quarter. Be sure you have ALL work turned in by Friday so that your Mid-Term Progress Report is accurate. Mid-Term Progress Reports will be shared with parents on Monday, September 14th. Parents will also get a parent newsletter on that date.

Health 101 "Sweet Smell of Success"

All 6th graders got some great health instruction from Mr. Wells this week. We'll call it the 'Sweet Smell of Success' lesson! Here are some key details that bear repeating for 6th graders (and for all of us!)


Sweat is important. It is how you cool down when you are hot.

You have two to four million sweat glands all over your body.

Sweat glands 'activate' during puberty and they start secreting chemicals.

The natural chemicals of sweat can be stinky!

Sweat and smell are normal parts of becoming an adult.


Although it seems strange, persons with odor typically cannot smell it on themselves.

You may have an unpleasant odor if-

  • you do not shower or bathe at least once a day,
  • you do not change your clothes and undergarments each day, or
  • you do not air out your socks/shoes (especially when they get wet).


  • Shower or bath every day (in the morning if you sweat at night).
  • Wear clean socks, undergarments, and clothes each day.
  • If you sweat a lot, seek clothing made of cotton or fibers that absorb sweat.
  • If you are concerned about underarm smell, use a deodorant or deodorant with antiperspirant. (Deodorants cover smells, antiperspirants dry up sweat.)

REMEMBER: Nothing smells better than clean skin. Perfumes or sprays are not a good substitute for a shower or bath. If you do use a spray, be courteous of those with allergy sensitivity and limit any spray to a light application directly to your OWN body! Thanks!

Recycling Program Starts

Have you noticed some green recycling bins in your classrooms? Have you seen the new bottle/can recycling containers in the cafeteria and by the water machines? We're going GREEN! Mrs. VonDissen's Connect class is spearheading the project. Thank you for helping them by putting paper products and cardboard in the green bins and empty plastic bottles and cans in the upright blue containers!

Student-Led Conference Tasks

We've got three things to do this week in preparation for our September 23rd conference event! Make sure these things are done by Friday, Sept. 10th.

  1. FINISH your Canvas profile. Make sure you have a picture, title, and bio that are appropriate for an academic/professional site.
  2. Make sure you know your Harmony log in info. Practice, practice, practice. You will be asked to open Harmony for your parent and show him/her your progress report!
  3. FINISH creating your Canvas ePortfolio (in science class, this may already be done!) You will start adding contents to the portfolio soon!

We'll have a few more tasks next week. Thanks for taking care of these things step by step!

Hats for Hearts

The SMS Student Council is sponsoring a Hats for Hearts day on Thursday, Sept. 10th. Students wishing to donate a dollar (or more) to the American Heart Association can do so at a table in the main hall. Students who donate will be given a 'hat permit' which will allow the hat privilege all day. Find a hat. Find a dollar. Support Heart Health and the American Heart Association.

Quick Pics

Calendar Clues

Mon. 7: No School - Labor Day

Tue. 8 B: TR INQ Guidance (Student Success Skills), DT INQ Guidance (Life Skills), 7/8 VB v. New Washington, Drama 3-4:15

Wed. 9 A: Cross 7:45am, PR INQ Guidance (Student Success Skills), CR INQ Guidance (Life Skills), 6 VB v. Henryville, Soccer v. Madison Shawe (Pep Club Tye Dye night!)

Thu. 10 B: HAT DAY, VO INQ Guidance (Roadmap to High School), Student Council 7:15am, Drama 3-4:15, Art Club 3-4, Spell Bowl 3-4, 6 VB @ Scribner, FB v. Jennings County, 7/8 VB @ Crothersville, Tennis @ Christian Academy

Fri. 11 A: Mid-Term Day, Patriot's Day (wear Red, White, & Blue), EX INQ Guidance (Roadmap to High School), Soccer @ South Ripley, Tennis @ North Harrison, SHS FB v. Tecumsah

Sat. 12: CC v. Scottsburg Invitational

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