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Course Description

Special education addresses the individual differences and requirements of students with special educational needs. As a teacher or trainer, working with students with special educational needs requires specific skills and strategies to create and deliver effective programs.

The course serves as an introduction to the field of special education. The course begins by outlining core elements of special education, including the change in educational legalization in recent years with particular emphasis on legislation in the United States. The responsibilities of teachers and trainers are also detailed, along with the individual educational plan (IEP). The course describes the most frequent disabilities encountered in the classroom: learning disabilities, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), intellectual disabilities, behavioral disorders, and physical disabilities and sensory impairments. The course provides key information about each of these disabilities and describes practical strategies on how to assist and teach students with these disabilities.

This education course will be of great interest to professionals in the education sector who would like a greater knowledge and understanding of working with students with special educational needs, and to all students who are interested in special education.

Target groups

Teachers (Preschool, primary, Secondary, vocational, adult, special needs), teacher trainers, educational guides and counselors, head teachers/ managers of schools, adult education professionals, parents, other interested person

Course Programme:

DAY 1: Module 2: Introduction to Special Education

Introduction to Special Education – Learning Outcomes

Special Education and Legalisation

Teachers’ Responsibilities for Special Education

The Individual Educational Plan

The Value of Inclusive Education

Categories of Disabilities

Introduction to Special Education – Summary

DAY 2: Module 2: Learning Disabilities

Learning Disabilities – Learning Outcomes

Introduction to Learning Disabilities

Case Study: Assisting a student with a learning disability

Learning Disabilities – Summary

DAY 3: Module 3: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

ADHD – Learning Outcomes

Introduction to ADHDStart Topic

Teaching Students with ADHD

ADHD – Summary

DAY 4: Module 4: Intellectual Disabilities

Intellectual Disabilities – Learning Outcomes

Introduction to Intellectual Disabilities

Teaching Students with Intellectual Disabilities

Intellectual Disabilities – Summary

DAY 5: Module 5: Behavioural Disorders

Behavioural Disorders – Learning Outcomes

Introduction to Behavioural Disorders

Teaching Students with Behavioural Disorders

Behavioural Disorders – Summary

DAY 6: Module 6: Physical Disabilities and Sensory Impairments

Physical Disabilities and Sensory Impairments – Learning Outcomes

Introduction to Physical Disabilities and Sensory ImpairmentsStart Topic

Teaching Students with Hearing LossStart Topic

Teaching Students with Visual ImpairmentStart Topic

Physical Disabilities and Sensory Impairments - Summary

DAY 7: Module 7: Working with Students with Special Education Needs Assessment


After completing this course the learner will be able to:

- Describe the fundamentals of special education
- Identify and describe the main types of disabilities encountered in the classroom
- Generate a basic individual education plan for a student with special educational needs.

Financial conditions - Fee

  • The course fee – 600 € for a 7 days course. Amount includes preparation for the course, tuition, training materials, administration costs, organizational costs, half-day excursion and VAT. (Without travel)
  • We can provide you very nice and comfortable hotels. All expenses is covered by EU in Erasmus+ School and Erasmus+ Adult project.
  • We can organise extra cultural activities.

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