I'm here! Now what?

Starting new or restarting anew? Start here!

Congrats! You took the first step!

Your hard work is done, right? Time for a coffee break!

Wrong. While the first step can feel like the toughest sometimes, you're just beginning! Much like a bicycle, I feel like this business only works if you work it. While I can teach you how to ride without training wheels, it's up to you to keep the pedals moving so you don't fall over.

Ready to begin?

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What's your why?

The next step is to figure out why you made the decision to start your business.

Is this really important? Absolutely. Think of your why as your 'organization's' mission statement. A quick blurb about why you're doing what you're doing. How you got from Point A to Point B.

Traditionally, the Golden Circle below is worked outside in, meaning that companies figure out what they do, how to do it, and then why they do it. True leaders work it inside out, figuring out why they exist, how to set themselves apart, and what they can offer. This shift in thinking makes a big difference!

People will be curious to find out how you got started, and who knows? Maybe they'll see themselves in you and ask how they can get involved. At the very least, they'll know more about you, which will lead to trust and hopefully a relationship. This business is all about relationship building, after all. (What? You thought I was going to say sales?! Ha! Gotcha.)

Once you've figured out your why (maybe it's to be a part of something bigger, make a difference in people's lives, earn money for family vacations, pay off your mortgage, get a great discount on products you love, anything) then it's time to practice it. Maybe repeat it in the car on your commute, figure out your wording in the shower. It doesn't have to sound the same each time, and certainly shouldn't sound forced or like a recording, but it's good to feel comfortable sharing it.

People will be more interested in *what* you do once they understand *why* you do it.

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Tell everyone! [AKA Who's your who?]

Now that you've got it down, who are you going to tell?

FRANKy, I'd tell ALICE.

Ok, You think I've gone off the deep end. I'll explain before you close this tab.

FRANK and ALICE are both quick ways to think of different contacts you may have. I strongly suggest physically writing down (or typing up) a list of at least 100 people that you'd like to tell about your new business. It sounds much harder than it is, and by using the suggestions below, you'll knock those numbers out of the park in no time!

F – Friends

R – Relatives

A – Acquaintances

N – Neighbors

K – Kid’s Contacts


neighbors, coworkers, past neighbors, past coworkers, clubs, community organizations, etc.


manicurist, hairdresser, receptionist, barista, realtor, cashier, flight attendant, office manager,

waitress, sales clerk, florist, bank teller, dry cleaner, accountant, shop owner, insurance agent,

doctor, dental hygienist, etc… anyone you do business with!


friends, family, relatives, in-laws, church, groups, classmates, etc.


teachers, aids, parents of kids who play sports, dance coach, PTA/PTO, friend’s moms, tutor, bus

driver, babysitters, childcare workers, etc.


facebook friends, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Foursquare, online hobby or special interest

groups, everyone you have an email address for… if you have multiple email accounts, use them

Coming up with a 100-person list of who you know is also the first step in figuring out who'd you like to join you. Just like I thought of you, I'm sure you have people you'd love to add to your 'dream team' to work your businesses together. Who are they? Make a separate list, highlight those on your Big List, however you want to track it. My favorite way to keep track of conversations is to write a few names a week in my agenda and make sure I reach out to those folks. A quick text, an email maybe even stopping by their house with some info. Nothing fancy, just an easy way to let them know I thought of them and why they'd rock this with me.

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Get ready to party! [AKA What the what?!]

This is where things get really fun! No matter what your why, my guess is that you went into this adventure intending to have a good time. (If not, skip this section and get back to work immediately!)

When you're new to the business, hosting your own launch party is key. Not only because I'll help you and I love a good party, but because it's the easiest and most effective way to let many people know at one time what you're up to. (I'll continue to tell you parties will give you the most bang for your buck, so to speak, so keep that in mind for later!)

Like you (if you're a fan of a good time and still reading this), your friends and family most likely also like to have fun. With this in mind, keep the party low-key and easy. Simple refreshments, focus on what you do, and speak from the heart. No fancy catering companies, no prepared, typed-up speeches. They came to support *you* because they like *you* so there's no need to go over the top. {Bonus: They're more likely to join you in your new adventure if you show them how easy it is! Yesssss!}

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Just a click away

Still have questions! I'm just a quick message away, and love problem solving! Drop a note and I'd love to help you out. That's what your mentor is here for, right?

About Me

Jaime Anlauf is a direct sales mentor, Beautycounter educator and Realtor licensed in both Minnesota and Wisconsin. In her spare time, she enjoys creating new cheesecake recipes and forgetting to switch the wash to the dryer.