In The Know With TPELC

November 2015 Edition

TPELC Keeps on Blooming

In the last month our teachers have been through two book studies with Bloom. They have studied, "Ritual & Routine" and "Careful Teacher Interactions". The teachers have carefully taken each principle to heart and have been considering new ways they can make times in the routine of the day a special ritual. Miss Alissa has been diligently finding ways to make each child's diaper changing time and feeding time extra special, whether that be counting toes, tickle monster, or just taking the time to talk to each child. On Monday we studied Careful Teacher Interactions. The teachers are learning to carefully observe each child and to become more sensitive to each child's growth. Our classrooms continue to flourish week by week!

Happenings with Pre-K

As fall is quickly passing we have been busy observing all of the changes that are happening around us! We love going on nature walks and playing in the leaves! At the end of October we got to create our own journals, and the children love sharing their journals during circle time and we will continue to work with them daily. In November we will start discussing Thanksgiving and participate in numerous activities that will enhance our understanding of Thanksgiving.

Toddler News

The toddler class has been enjoying all things autumn. We have talked about, raked and even made a collage out of fall leaves. We have taken many late morning walks to the park to enjoy the beautiful colors and crisp air. As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches we will be discussing and reading stories about family and all the different and special people that involves.

On the Move With Infants

Each student in the infant room has grown leaps and bounds in the past month. We have one child who is pulling herself up and walking along furniture. Just this week another is learning to army crawl around the room. The children are truly on the move! We have been working towards making moments very special in the classroom. The classroom is very calm and a place where the children can concentrate on their work and blossom.

Christmas Card Decorating for Bixler Lake

Thursday, Nov. 12th, 3:30-5:30pm

201 South Park Avenue

Kendallville, IN

Please join us as we decorate our Christmas card for Bixler Lake. This provides another opportunity for us to come together as an organization for fellowship and a time to get to know one another. For parents, this time will count towards your volunteer hours. For board members and staff, this will allow our parents to get to know you a little better. We will serve drinks, hot dogs, and chips like we did last year. We would greatly appreciate involvement from every branch of our organization on this project; staff, parents, board members.
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Yes, you read it correctly! A grant for a new playground at TPELC is in the works. Over the summer the staff had the opportunity to visit the Armstrong Center in Columbia City which is a Bloom school. There they had a beautiful natural playground for the children to explore. We have wanted a natural playground for a very long time. We will be having landscape companies come in and give us their thoughts, plans, and estimates. This new playground is a little ways away, but it is in the works!!