Andrew Jackson: Sell out or Buy in

The Common Mans "accomplishments"

The Trail of Tears

A mass movement of Native Americans from the east to the west. Native Americans were forced off of their land, though eventually compensated, and marched across the country. The desire for gold and cotton growing land is what caused them to leave. The Indian Removal Act was signed by Jackson and is what made this official.

The Spoils System

Upon becoming president Andrew Jackson rewarded supporters with Government jobs. This "Spoils" System caused many to vote for him. This boost in support eventually got him reelected and made more people view him as The "Common Man" president

The Nullification Crisis

When two tariffs were placed in the years 1828 and 1832 Southerners were angered. This anger went so far as to cause South Carolina to threaten to secede. Jackson shot back by threatening to sic the army on them and to HANG John C. Calhoun!

Jackson Political cartoon and meaning

This cartoon means that people have favored him throughout his lifetime and he was meant to be "king". As such he is portrayed as a kingly figure with crown, cape and scepter,

Soldier (Negative)

I cant believe what you forced us to do sir. Making us forcefully evict those people from their homes and march them across the country! And for what? Territory? This was a bad move

Southerner (positive)

Good Job Jackson! Getting those Native Americans outta there and giving us more fertile soil. Not to mention all the promise of gold. You truly are the common man!