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3rd 6 weeks overview

by: the intelectual Ashley Huckaba (Miss. Nowell's favorite)

sensory language

The use of details from the five senses to help the reader visualize the story.


The pizza tasted like cardboard.

The perfume smelled like vanilla.

The wind felt cold against my skin.


The way the reader feels while reading the story.


overjoyed, depressed, anxious

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vocabulary is great

heart eyes for this project

character development

The process of creating a character by giving him/her/it personality and depth.


Ignascio was shy and hardly talked.

Bexley is usually angry and hates everyone.

Ophelia was always overjoyed and it was rare to see her frown.

Merry Christmas


The type or place of surrounding where an event takes place or something is positioned.


The bunny pranced in the garden.

She placed the poptarts in the kitchen.

My uncle was in the garage.

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5 W's

who, what, when, where, why, and how


who- Ashley

what- stole the poptarts

when- yesterday

where- her house

why- because she was hungry

how- she took them behind her brother's back

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