East Rockingham High School Library

Student Led; Librarian Facilitated

Mission Statement

The mission of the East Rock library is empower students.
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Philosophy: School Library as Community Center

We believe that all learners in the East Rock community learn best when they

1) INQUIRE. They build new knowledge by asking questions and developing strategies for answering them.

2) INCLUDE. They consider multiple points of view and different perspectives and allow them to enrich their own learning.

3) COLLABORATE: They work with others to broaden perspectives and reach common goals.

4) CURATE: They make meaning for themselves and others by collecting, organizing, and sharing resources.

5) EXPLORE: They do, they create, they discover, they innovate, they play.

6) ENGAGE: They engage with each other and information in an honest way and give credit when and where it is due.

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Student Subcommittees

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Instruction in the Library