Bold actions

By: Mitchell oconnor and Naomi Horner

Risk 1

You can get brain injures from all the hits to the head

"First discovered about a decade ago in the brains of football players, it's a degenerative disease linked to symptoms like dementia, erratic behavior, and suicide." (

Risk 2

You can tear ligaments or break bones

"You can break almost any one just like most sports, however the continual running and sprinting can take the toll on your joints later in life." (

Reward 1

If you are good enough you can get millions of dollars

"For almost a decade Jacob bell was living his dream making millions playing professional foot ball starting 100 games for the Tennessee titans and the saint Louis rams."


Reward 2

You could also become famous

"We're getting so much money so much glory and so fame."


Is the reward worth the risk

Is the reward with the risk... We say yes, because even if you do get hurt you are "...getting so much money..." that you can fix yourself and even in normal life people get hurt so it's normal, and finally you will always be remembered.

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