World War I

Great War

The beginning of the war.

The Austria-Hungarian prince Ferdinand got murdered in Sarajevo. The Serbians are guilty for the dead of the heir to the throne. Austria-Hungary wants to attack the Serbians for the crime they committed. Russia and France are supporting the Serbians against Austria-Hungary. But the Germans support Austria-Hungary. Now there is a battlefield between the Germans and the French. A lot of people are going to get killed. Our soldiers are going to support the Allied Powers in this war. It is a serious war between the Allied Powers and the Central Powers. We have to wait and see what will happen..

Dear Sir or Madam,

I need advice because I have a problem. My husband was sent to the front to fight in the war. I'm very proud of him that he protects the country and he's so strong. But I have three children and I can't take care of my children on my own. I don’t know when my husband is coming home. For what I know now it’s too heavy to take care of my children on my own. I have to do everything by myself. Could you please give me advice? Maybe there are other mothers with the same issue.

Yours faithfully.


You all know it's war and nobody can do something about it.

For the protection of our country we need people to join the army!

Are you a strong and healthy man, then you are perfect to join!

As a girl you can help too! Not with joining the army but you can make uniforms for the soldiers or help the wouded soldiers.

We really need your help, so please come join us before it's too late!

If you want to join us, write a letter to us!

Yours Sincerely, The Army.