Rebound Addiction Center

By: Alexis Curtis and Kimberlin Hernandez

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At the Rebound Addiction Center they use a holistic approach and they try to integrate wellness in the whole body. They try to provide you as many skills as possible to cope with your daily stressors in a better more productive way. Interdisiplinary treatment will work work with each person and help you identify your treatment goals and help you meet them.

What's treated?

Substance abuse, addiction to cocaine, heroin, perscription drugs, and meth are ailments that are treated here.

How do I get treated?

There are a varitey of ways to get treated, we have medication managment and psychotherapy . We also have family and group therapy. During family therapy you have sessions with your family and we address family dynamics. We also help your loved ones cope with their feelings also. In group therapy a social worker is there to help you work through your problems.

What else should I know

*Most insurance is excepted

*We treat mostly adults

*Once you are on a good course you will be put in an intensive outpatient program

*We have pet therapy

*If you have an urgent problem call 911 or go to nearest hospital don't leave an email

Call us at (803) 485-1464

located at Rebound Addiction Center 134 E Rebound Road Lancaster, South Carolina 29720