E News from Rm 172

2nd Grade

Create Your Own Weather

Students are continuing to study and learn about The Leader in Me and studying the 7 Habits. One of the skills of the 7 Habits is learning to Create Your Own Weather. When we are reading books with characters who are trying to solve a problem or when things happen that may upset the character, we talk about how the character can be proactive and Create Your Own Weather. When things happen at school and we have the perfect teachable moments, I stop and say how I need to change my weather, or how can we as a class change our weather together. My favorite weather that I talk about is creating "sunshine and rainbows." I demonstrate to the students by closing my eyes, slowly breathing in and out, circle my hands above my head, and say to them "I am finding my sunshine and rainbows." They laugh at me but I think it is making a difference in our classroom.

The other skill that we are working on is Synergizing. I am working with them as a whole to help each other synergize, work collaboratively, to get things done. For example, when we need to get out our white boards, Expo markers, and erasers, students synergize so that one student gets the boards, one get the markers, another one gets the erasers. If there is a 4th person at the table they synergize by keeping the area clean. We are synergizing to have a great year together.

Desert Animals

Students read the story Desert Animals and worked on the skill of fact and opinion. They also discussed what does a desert look like, the characteristics of a desert, and where on the map are deserts located around the world.

Below are the Desert Facts created by the students along with their drawings.

School Bus Safety

The first week of school, students participated in School Bus Safety activities. Students watched a school bus safety video, discussed school bus safety, and went on the bus and practiced an emergency exit drill.

Below are facts about School Bus Safety that the students created and displayed in the hallway.

Math - Greater Than, Less Than, Equal To and Least to Greatest & Greatest to Least

Greater Than, Less Than, Equal To and Least to Greatest & Greatest to Least

This week we worked on the skills of Greater Than, Less Than, Equal To and Least to Greatest & Greatest to Least. Students took notes, created posters, and created videos of their work. Now their posters are hanging in the hallway for all to see. I hope you like their videos as much as I do!

Important Dates

September 28th - Great American Fundraiser Kickoff

October 2nd - No School - Teacher Work Day

October 2nd - Elementary Night at FTF Football Game

October 13th - Great American Fundraiser Ends

October 13th - PDQ Night 5:00-9:00

October 23rd - Blackburn Blast - Corn Hole Game Sign Up Coming Soon!

October 26th - No School - Teacher Work Day

October 28th - Report Cards

October 29th - Field Trip - Discovery Center