ZWest Pedometer/Activity Challenge

Move, Play, Dance, Repeat

Challenge of the Week

This week's challenge brings us full circle-Get 10,000 steps every day. We started the challenge with an average of 10,000, but now that you have grown and are all pros, we think you can do 10,000 each day.

This is our last week! I want to personally thank everyone for their positive participation. This has been so much fun for me! I am glad many of you enjoyed it as well. Tammy, Trisha and I have already talked about doing this again next year. We'd love your input about this year's program. We have ideas for changes and improvements for next year, but really would like to hear from all of you. I will send out a survey monkey later to get your feedback.

Last Week's Challenge

Last week's challenge provided a choice. You could A) -Share how or where you are getting in more of your steps and physcial activity or B)-Try a new activity for some variety. For either option, I added an extra bonus. If you sent me a photo of you doing either challenge you were able to add an additional 2,000 steps to one of your days.Stacey Huffman-

I get many of my steps going for long walks with my dog, Zoey. She loves going for walks, and I love being outside.

Connie Schegel-

Due to an injury I’ll be adding a new exercise to my routine. I injured my foot this week and it hurts to put any weight on my foot. I plan to add riding on a stationary bike. Cross training is always a good thing to do to prevent overuse injuries.

Worth Checking Out...


We didn't talk a lot about the health of our minds during this challenge, but I wanted to be sure to include this resource on meditation if you are interested. I've been using the Headspace App for a little over a year now and really love it. If you've ever wanted to try meditation, it is a good place to start.