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Parent Newsletter - September 9th, 2019

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Lisa Alonso, Director of Preschool

General Housekeeping

Lunch time at Crown Preschool

  • This school year our children are enjoying lunch time in our classrooms as this allows the children to sit together and enjoy eating as a "family". Our school lunches are served family-style as this is considered a best practice at this stage because it involves sitting at the same table in small groups, with children serving themselves when possible and eating with adults while sharing pleasant conversation.
  • If you are interested in school lunch, please visit Child Nutrition Services on, and select 2019-2020 Meal applications to create a lunch account or see Miss. Lisa to try and quality for a free or reduced meal. If you choose to pack a lunch, please make sure all food items are of nutritious value.
  • Note: if your child attends Extended Care and Preschool please try and label your child's food to indicate what should be eaten for snack or for lunch.

Signing In and Out Daily

  • Signing in your child at school is MANDATORY. When you sign your child into our school, it gives the staff the liability to accept the care for your child. It is also extremely important for safety and accountability reasons. Lastly, our center will receive an unannounced licensing visit and will give the center a citation if a family is not properly signed in Please do your best to NOT FORGET TO SIGN YOUR CHILD IN DAILY.

Emergency Persons

  • If you need to add a person to your emergency contact list for pick up purposes, please visit the preschool office to add the person's name and contact information to your emergency form. Additions should always be added on the original form you completed at enrollment. For emergencies, you are allowed to send the Director an email with the contact person's name and authorization to pick up. However, you will still need to visit the office to make the additional official at a later time.

Music Classes Coming Soon

  • Our music program will begin the week of 9/16/2019. A schedule will be provided next week with a list of the exact days and times.

Contact information for our Preschool Teachers

Absence Notifications

  • Kids get sick and families take trips but either in advance or upon return, please use our handy form or bring in a handwritten note with name, date of absence and reason to your classroom.

Extended Care

  • We have strict guidelines and ratios to adhere to and when families try and drop their kids off early to extended care, we are in violation. If you arrive ahead of schedule we ask that you please wait outside the gate until the proper time.

Late Start Thursday

Crown will be participating in this month’s Late Start Thursday on Thursday, September 26th. Preschool staff will be in professional development classes on early education practices however we will offer Extended Care and limited AM Preschool on this day. Please note the staff will be made up of substitutes from 8 - 10 am.

  • If you are an AM Preschool student and need care this morning, please email our department, as spots will be limited and prioritized.
  • If you are a paying extended day student, you do not have to request care and may bring your student in at your normally scheduled time.

Volunteers Needed!

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We are looking for any parent or family volunteers to help organize and catalog the Crown Preschool Library. If you are able to help out, please inquire with your classroom teacher through email or at drop-off or pick-up. Thanks so much for helping!!!
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From our Classroom Teachers-


  • Turn in their ASQ’s as soon as possible.
  • Let us know if your child will need a lunch 24 hours ahead of time
  • Fill out an absence request form every time your child is out.
  • Please label everything…backpacks, water bottles, lunch boxes and any containers inside, and clothing.
  • Specify if there are separate meals (breakfast, snack, lunch…please label which is which).
  • Please have your child wash their hands upon arrival in the classrooms.

Miss Zulya & Miss Eileen

Annual Check-Ups during the school year?

If you see your pediatrician during the school year for your annual visit, please don't forget to hand them your Physician's Report and return the completed form to us. You can email or drop completed forms to the ECDC or Preschool office.

PLEASE NOTE- Preschool requirements are as follows:

  • If an exam has been preformed within one year of our preschool start date, anytime between August 22, 2018 and August 22, 2019, you are up to date.
  • Current immunization requirements can be found online and any students who have not completed their full series of shots must have a signed doctor's exemption or explanation of delay.

State Funded Preschool

Beginning this fall, Crown Preschool is pleased to announce FREE preschool to any eligible families who are at or under the income ceilings established by the California State Department of Education. If you are within these income guidelines or if your child has an IEP regardless of income, please contact our office immediately so we can begin processing your application.

All eligible families will be asked to provide proof of income and upon acceptance, all deposits will be refunded. This process happens very fast as documentation of earnings are time sensitive so please make sure you have all required information before proceeding. Please contact us with additional questions.

Please refer to the tabs below for the income ceilings and qualifications.

Income Ceilings

Schedule of Income Ceilings for Fiscal School Year 2019-2020 Child Care and Development Programs

State Preschool Qualifications and Application Process

Explanation of qualifications, after income ceiling criteria is met, and list of application requirements.

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Text Messaging

  • We now use text messaging to alert parents & guardians about important matters so make sure "cell" is selected when inputting your personal contact information and select your cell carrier from the list

Quick Links

MyProcare Re-Registration

Please select school program and update/review information


MyProcare Re-Registration Instructions

Auto-Pay with Tuition Express

We wanted to extend an invitation to sign up for automatic payments through Tuition Express. This would apply to both tuition and extended care fees. Please click on the Tuition Express Icon to download the document and scan/email it back or hand it in to our office.

Payments are generally drafted on or around the 1st of every month. Any change to this will be noted.

If you currently have a Tuition Express Account on file with us, you will need to fill out a new application or provide us with permission to continue using your current form of payment. PLEASE NOTE: You will not be automatically re-enrolled in automatic payments without consent or a new form.

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Contact Us


Lisa Alonso, MS

Director of Preschool & Child Care Services

Coronado Unified School District

(619) 522-6085

Tracy Denault

Office Assistant II

(619) 522-6087