Augusto Pinochet

The living leader of Chile

Background of Augusto Pinochet

Pinochet was born in 1915 in Chile. He was born into a military family and became a commander of the Chilean Army from 1973-1988. He was also President of Chile from 1973-1981. During his presidency, he was held responsible for the deaths of 1,200-3,200 and the kidnapping of around 80,000 citizens and was known to be brutal to his people. He believed that he was a powerhouse and, just like Trujillo, wiped out anyone that posed as a threat to his power. He ran a brutal dictatorship.
Uncovering Pinochet's Secret Death Camps

Analyzing the Video

The video shown above is the explanation of the camps that Pinochet sent and eventually killed around 3,000 people. He would send them to types of work camps and many that posed as threats were automatically killed. Chile didn't find out about his evil plans until after all of them happened and when he was out of office and no longer commander.

Essential Question

Can the first works of Augusto Pinochet compare to the first acts of Rafael Trujillo and Mao Zedong in eliminating the threats to power?