Flipped Faculty Meeting

April 4, 2016

April Dates

6 - ACIP Walk Throughs

11 - ASPIRE Training (after school - everyone)

11 - PTO Leadership Night *Student lead, spotlight on student clubs

12 - Begin ASPIRE

14 - Kindergarten Registration

14 - Progress Reports go Home

21 - Third Grade Field Trip

21 - End of Year Dance * Will begin in the lunchroom right after school and end at 5:30, all grades that take ASPIRE

22 - Dyslexia PD *Everyone

28 - Leading Panther

29 - Kindergarten Field Trip

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Flex Forms

Flex forms can be turned in at any time.

Place in the folder in my box.


We are hoping to get a Pre-K.

Qualifications - child must be 4 by Sept. 1, 2016

Use this link to sign up for the Waiting List (share link with others who may be interested)


Mission Statement

If you would like to be part of the team to work on our new mission statement please email Mrs. Chandler & Mr. Weathers.

The team will consist of faculty, 4-6 parents, and 4-6 students.

Summer Reading

If you are teaching reading in 5th or 6th grade be thinking of a book you would like your students to read over the summer. We will discuss in May faculty meeting.

2016/2017 Clubs

Below is a list of possible clubs. Those that are not self explanatory have a brief description.

  • Disney Passport (K-1)
  • Space, the Final Frontier - NASA, exploring space, virtual field trips
  • Broadcast
  • Robotics Team
  • Mad Scientist
  • Characters Inc. - drama type club
  • Tech Club (4-6)
  • Tech Club (1-3)
  • Twist & Twirl - majorette, beginner twirling
  • Yearbook
  • Runner's Club
  • Oh Snap! - take photos for yearbook, website, social media
  • Bon Appetite - cooking
  • Grounds Crew
  • Bulletin Boards (NEEDS CUTE NAME)
  • Just Draw
  • Just Dance
  • Chess
  • Recycling
  • Spanish Club
  • Sign Language
  • Math Team - must be selected
  • Scholars Bowl - must be selected
  • Art - more than just drawing
  • Coding
  • Leggo Engineering
  • Journalism
  • The Book is Better - book club for upper grades
  • Bookworms - book club for lower grades
  • Sunshine Club - spread cheer
  • Fitness Fanatics
  • Socialites - do all WWES social media sites, Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc.
  • Green Thumbs

Flip It!

Once you finish the faculty meeting go to the link below to let us know you have flipped it!