1st Grade Weekly

8th Edition 9/28/23

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What's Happening

Dear First Grade Families,

We have had a wonderful week, and Parent Teacher Conferences are not far away! We have been hard at work assessing and creating learning plans for our students.

Next Friday is our first spirit assembly, and we get to dress for the decades. Your child may choose which decade to represent and we can't wait to see the creativity!

Remember, if you have any questions, please reach out to your child's teacher.

With love,

Your First Grade Team

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Important Dates

9/26 STEM Recertification Ceremony, PTA Meeting, & Family Paint Night (more info to come)

10/9 & 10 Teacher workday & Professional Development - No School for Students

10/11 - 13 District Holiday

10/18 Little Elm Fire Clowns

10/20 Ninja Fun Run

10/23 Red Ribbon Week (More information to come)

10/27 Teacher Work Day (No School for Students)

10/31 Dress as Your Favorite Book Character

11/1 Wreaths Across America Fundraiser

District Calendar for 2023 - 2024 School Year

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Reading is an adventure!

Interacting with Print and Language Around Us

The adventure begins! We begin the year by looking at different texts and making connections.

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Double Final


Ck and Floss

High Frequency Words: all, down, four, from, her, now, saw, went



Reading Comprehension:

1. Text Organization

2. Create Mental Images

3. Point of View

4. Monitor and Clarify

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Addition and Subtraction up to 10

We just received a call from the

mathematical headquarters. They have

a problem with mathematical thinking

and they could use our math

superpowers. In this saga, Math

Superheroes will help by representing

and solving story problems. They will

build their mighty strength by

composing and decomposing 10. They

will help frogs get home and kids cross

a bridge by using strategies to add and

subtract. Collaborate with other math

superheroes and begin setting goals

for obtaining additional math

superpowers (math mindsets and


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I can represent word problems using pictures by using symbols to show what’s happening.

Academic Vocabulary

Joining - putting quantities together

Separating - taking quantities apart

Comparing - finding the difference between two quantities

Distance - how far apart two quantities or objects are from each other

Equal sign – a mathematical symbol representing equivalence

Equation – a mathematical statement composed of equivalent expressions separated by an equal sign

Unknown value-the quantity in an equation that is not known

Fact families – related number sentences using the same set of numbers

Sum - the total when two or more addends are joined

Strategy - how you manipulate the numbers (Make 10, Doubles, Think Addition/Count On)

Model - how you show your thinking (Number Line, Place Value, Concrete Objects, etc.)

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What is it?

We start our year in first grade by learning what a scientist is and how we stay safe in the classroom when doing experiments. Then we will test our new skills as we explore the properties of matter of objects that surround us. Finally, we will showcase our learning by creating a game around properties of matter.

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Social Studies

My State Our Country:

I can identify important Texas historical figures and their contributions to our great state!


Sam Houston

Barbar Jordan

Mirabeau B. Lamar

Stephen F. Austin

Please remember to pack your child a healthy and mess free snack each day.

Did you know that a snack at the right time between meals can prevent major hunger pangs and gives a child an energy boost to keep him or her studying and playing hard at school?

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Specials' Rotation

Be sure to check the rotation based on the color of the day.
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Transportation changing for the day?

Call the office @ 972-947-9450 by 2:00 p.m.
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Birthday Celebrations

We look forward to celebrating your child's birthday this year!

Please do not send items such as candles, balloons, horns, etc.

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