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MAP testing has begun

This week we began our first round of MAP testing. Students began testing in their math classes.

As a campus and district, we use this data to monitor student growth, and to plan instruction.

For those new to MAP testing, check out this video for a brief overview of map testing, scoring, and what the scores mean:

If you are wanting to see your student’s prior scores, please check “Performance Management” section on parent portal: . By clicking your student’s name you can view their assessment history. This is a great opportunity for you and your student to discuss goals for the school year. Over all, the goal is to see 4-5pts per calendar year.

Somethings to consider:

- It is not unusual for a slight drop in the first MAP score when students return from summer break, please do not be alarmed, if your student’s scores remain the same, or drop a few point from their spring score.

- The MAP test is adaptive. It will automatically get harder or easier based on student progress. It is ok for students to receive questions on material above their grade level.

Testing Window:

- Math: Sept 22-25th

- Reading: Sept 29th- Oct 2nd

- Science: Oct 6th – 9th

Parents with students who are testing via S@H, please check in with your students to make sure they are taking their time and focusing while testing.

More information on MAP is below.

Student Attendance

If you received a phone call or an email, stating your student was absent.

Please contact your student’s teacher. The teacher monitors and determines student engagement. You can find your student’s teacher and teacher’s email on parent portal.

The attendance secretary cannot make any corrections without the teacher’s authorization to correct a student’s attendance.

Student Sign IN/OUT

We have a QR code on the front to sign students in and out.

Please complete the QR so that we can release your student

Parent drop off for students

A parent may drop off lunch to a student….if the student forgot their lunch

A parent may drop off school items that are needed

You must be able to reach your students to inform them you dropped off an item

You must label the item(s)

We do not have office aids to help us, therefore we cannot deliver to your student

District providing FREE breakfast and lunch through December

Due to a waiver issued from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), effective September 15, 2020, all Plano ISD School@Home students will receive free breakfast and lunch meal bundles through December 31, 2020, or while USDA funds are available.

Weekly meal bundles will be provided on Tuesdays from 9:30am to 10:30am and 4:45pm to 6:00pm

Meal bundles will consist of five breakfasts and five lunches.

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MAP testing info

NWEA MAP: Prepare for the 2020 MAP Growth (+ Practice Tips & Sample Questions)

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