Average Salary: $15,000 - $25,000

Duties & Responsibilities...

Pharmacy Technicians work in pharmacies under the direction of a pharmacist. Their main responsibility is filling prescriptions according to doctors' orders for patients. Technicians measure out correct amounts of medication from larger containers to prescription size containers. In addition, they add drugs to intravenous solutions. All of their prescription filling work is rechecked by a pharmacist before medications are dispensed to patients or customers. Other duties of pharmacy technicians are:
  • Checking inventories and ordering supplies.
  • Receiving and checking in supplies.
  • Waiting on customers.
  • Keeping pharmacy work areas clean.
  • Helping fill out insurance forms.
Pharmacy technicians work in retail pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, and some large industrial complexes.

Education Requirements...

Students should take math, science (especially chemistry), and typing courses in high school.

A high school diploma is usually required to begin pharmacy technician training. Two year courses leading to certificates are available at most community collages. Six month programs are offered at privately operated schools.

Contact the community college or health care medical schools in you area. Also, speak to a pharmacy technician at your local pharmacy.

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