The Infinite Sea by Rick Yancey

The Second Book of The 5th Wave


The second book the The 5th Wave trilogy, The Infinite Sea, tells the story of a band of young characters seeking shelter in an abandoned hotel. Throughout the novel the point of view takes on a different character and possibly different settings. The characters are forced to undergo life-threatening issues that range from procedures to battles. The young adult science fiction novel is thrilling and wildly entertaining.
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Having hope is the strongest thing you have to hold onto when everything else is falling apart.

"No hope without faith, no faith without hope, no love without trust, no trust without love. Remove one and the entire human house cards collapses." Rick Yancey


If you sacrifice everything you have for who or what you love your humanity is not destroyed.

Page 295, "He scooped the plastic bag from the floor. Her hand fell on his arm and yanked him toward her as if he weighed nothing at all. She should finish him with a single punch to his dying heart. But all he had to do was breathe. He slapped the opening of the bag over his mouth and breathed." Rick Yancey


Fight for what you believe in when there is no one else left and your humanity does not perish.

Page 99, "I am humanity. He crawled. I am humanity. He fell. I am humanity. He got up." Rick Yancey


An abandoned hotel just outside of Camp Haven. Cassie, Zombie, Poundcake, Dumbo, Sam, Teacup and Ringer have stayed there far too long, so when Ringer decides to hunt for a new location things go south.


One hundred miles from where home used to be in an abandoned hotel with rats swarming in the walls, Ringer fights for her life after being held hostage in a room with white walls and white lights. She tries her hardest to get back to her family with the help of a boy who teaches her how to smile again.


Man vs Man- Ringer vs Vosch and Evan vs Grace

More like Man vs Other (alien)

Vosch is the alien in charge and he gets what he wants, so when he chooses Ringer as a lab rat there is no telling what kind of weapon he wants to turn her in to.

Evan and Grace have a lot of history together and she recently comes back into his life only to murder everyone he is close to.

Man vs Self- Cassie vs Herself

Throughout the entire book Cassie contemplates leaving the hotel for the safety of herself and her brother. She is there with the people who risked their own lives to save her, so she's having a hard time leaving them. She also has trouble leaving because Evan had made a promise to meet her there and has yet to follow through.

Man vs Nature- Throughout the book (Evan Walker/Ringer)

Evan has suffered many injuries from an explosion and attacks by people from his past.

Ringer is suffering from injuries and starvation from escaping the camp and finding her way back to her friends.

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