Madeleine Roberts

Ceramics 1

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Critique 1

Ellen Schon



Smoke-fired clay

13” x 20” x 20”


The object is asymmetrical. It has a cylinder bottom that forms into what resembles a flower. Sections of it are formed into "petals." The colors include variations of brown. There are lighter colored lines running across it forming a type of tie-dye.
One principle of this object would be balance. The object is asymmetrical, causing it to have no perfect balance. One element is its texture. The texture is perceived to be smooth and sleek.
Although this piece was made very recently, it does not strike me as "modern art." In my sight, it looks like an abstract flower. But the colors are too dull to express happiness, as a normal flower would. The dark colors make it dreary but the flower shape gives it more of a balance.
In my personal opinion, this artwork is not successful. It doesn't show attractive features or anything that catches the eye. The piece blends together and has unity but isn't gawk-worthy.
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Critique 2

Laocoön and His Sons

Agesander, Athenodoros and Polydorus

25 BC

White Marble

1.84 m in height


There are three men in this picture. Each of them has their right arm severed off. There is what appears to be a snake or a type of a coil wrapped around them and squeezing each of their legs. The middle man is much more muscular and bigger than the two surrounding him. He has a crack in his left leg. Each of the men are naked and struggling against the object that is squeezing them.
The piece most definitely have shape. It is 3 dimensional. There is no color in the work. It is all the same shade of off-white that looks like dried clay. The emphasis for me would be directed at the man in the middle. He is proportionally bigger and that is where my eyes first go.
For being made in 25 BC, if find this piece very interesting and delicate. With the limited tools and resources they had in their time, it must have been a drawn out process. It looks as if it is representing struggle against something. The figures being us and the object strangling them being whatever we fight against in our own personal lives.
I find this sculpture very successful. The art itself looks wonderfully done. Its very descriptive in a way that doesn't need a literal description or summary. I think this is what makes it successful. There are many different interpretations to gather from this one piece and you are able to choose your very own.
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Coil Vase

I created this project to do something different and unique. The egg shape was very hard to conquer and uphold. Keeping it in shape while continuing to add on to it was very difficult, but I managed. If I were to change one thing, i would keep the texture's pattern more consistent.
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Turtle Whistle

I picked a turtle for the shape of my whistle because I imagined that I could make it look complex but make it with no trouble. The shapes on the shell were difficult to the same thickness and also keep consistent. But I cut one and used it as a mold. If i were to change something, I would do a better job placing the shell pieces and would choose different colors to paint the overall turtle.