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Avoca District 37

In this Issue...

  • Calendar Highlights
  • COVID Video (Metrics, Slowing the Spread, Testing, Preparing for Future)
  • Return to School Survey Results
  • 2nd Quarter Learning Selection Results
  • Student & Family Needs Assessment
  • Student Voices - Interview with Ms. Lara's 2nd Graders

Important Calendar Highlights - October 23 & 26

Just a reminder that after Parent Teacher Conference Days on October 21 and 22 (half days of student attendance), that October 23 and October 26 are non-attendance days for students.

On those days staff will be engaging in professional learning and collaboration that will focus on: SEL, Professional Learning Communities, Multi-Tiered Systems of Support, Curriculum, Remote Learning, and preparation for 2nd quarter.

October 16 Video on COVID, Metrics, Remote Learning, and Testing
See Learning Schedule (COVID) Metrics Here - 10.14.20

This link will outline the status of the 15 metrics consulted to help the Administration decide which learning schedule is best for operating the school safely. See the video above too.

Cook Country Travel -States Requiring 14-day Quarantine

Cook County has identified states where COVID spread necessitates travelers from those states to quarantine for 14 days. This holds true if you were in one of these states for more than 24 hours.

Return to School Survey Results

In a previous issue I shared highlights and lessons from our survey to students, staff, and parents about our return to school. You can see the full report that was shared with the Board of Education on October 8, 2020 by clicking here.

Lessons learned will inform any small changes we can enact before 2nd semester. Additionally, we will start holding ZOOM Focus groups to determine how we might improve on a larger scale what we do starting 2nd semester in terms of scheduling.

2nd Quarter Learning Schedule Selection Results

I will report in more detail to the Board of Education at its October 22 meeting, but the results from learning schedule selections for 2nd quarter were largely the same as 1st quarter.

In summary, we have 26 students moving from Remote to Hybrid, predominantly at Marie Murphy and we have 10 students moving from Hybrid to Remote. The second group of students is more evenly spread across our grade levels.

I and the team and the Board understand that many Hybrid families would like to see even more onsite time provided. Of course, as COVID increases in the community, now would not be the time to take that step, but the Administration's work during 2nd quarter will be to consider how to do this safely in the future, when community circumstances make is safe to do so.

Successful Students, Healthy & Supported Families

Our students' success - not just academic success - really is a matter of a healthy and supported student, healthy and supported teachers, and healthy and supported families.

As part of our journey in discovering how we can support different members of our community, we have sent out a Student & Family Needs Assessment, developed by our staff SEL team. The survey closes on October 23 and if you have not had a chance to complete it, please do so by clicking here

October 14, 2020 Interview w Ms Lara's 2nd Grade Class