Holifield Happenings

April 20, 2015

Upcoming Events

Apr. 21 (Tues) - Beta Club

Apr. 22 (Wed) - Early Release - Students will leave at 11:40.

Apr. 24 (Fri) - All Pro Dads 7:15; Westward Expansion test

Apr. 28 (Tues) - ACT Aspire test: Writing & English (Get a good night's rest and a good breakfast)

Apr. 29 (Wed) - ACT Aspire test: Reading (Get a good night's rest and a good breakfast)

Apr. 30 (Thurs) - ACT Aspire test: Math (Get a good night's rest and a good breakfast)

May 1 (Fri) - NOAA visit - Mr. Naglic (Olivia's grandfather)

May 7 (Thurs) - SC PASS: Science (Get a good night's rest and a good breakfast); Interims go home

May 8 (Fri) - SC PASS: Social Studies

May 14 (Thurs) - Talent Show - 6:00

May 18 (Mon) - Science & Social Studies notebooks due

May 25 (Mon) - No School

May 26 (Tues) - Jump and Jam (30 hands)

May 27 (Wed) - Career Day

May 29 (Fri) - Field Day

June 1-3 (Mon-Wed) - Half Days for students

June 2 (Tues) - Celebration of Learning

ACT Aspire test next week

As I am sure you have heard from multiple places, our ACT Aspire tests in ELA and Math will be next week, April 28-30 (Tuesday - Thursday). Please start planning for this now. You know your child better than anyone...

  • What high protein breakfast will your child eat next week?
  • What time should they go to bed?
  • What extra-curricular activites will have to wait until after testing? (Mrs. Reeves' son is missing a 7:30 baseball game next week.)
  • Would laying out clothes the night before help your child to have a calmer morning?

Snack Time

We will have special snacks each day at the end of testing. If you are able to send in snacks, please make sure they are individually packaged and meet the district guidelines. Some ideas that have been popular... Sun Chips, pretzels, Goldfish, trail mix, cheese and crackers, peanut butter and crackers, beef jerky, ... The list could go on, but that is what comes to my brain at the moment. Please avoid sugary snacks. Also, Capri Suns and mini Sunny Ds are appreciated! :-)

For our normal, daily snacks, we are on our last box of Cheerios. If you know that your child frequently needs Cheerios from the class supply, please consider sending in a box. If you have recently sent some or have almost single-handedly kept our supply going, this message is NOT for you... ;-)

Notes of Encouragement

As you know, our students will be taking the very important ACT ASPIRE. When I think about how much they have had to learn, I am very proud of the effort and dedication so many of them have put forth.

As parents, you have been a very important and very powerful influence on how your child has progressed. For this reason, I am asking that you (and even other members of your family) take a few minutes to write a short message or note of support and encouragement to your child. He or she will read it just before the testing begins.

After the message is written, please place it in an envelope and seal it with your child’s name on the front. I will collect the envelopes as they are returned. Your child will unseal the envelope and, as previously stated, read your message (s) before beginning the first test. Then, he or she will be able to refer to it each morning before our testing sessions begin. You are welcome to write a letter for each day of testing if you would like to, just put them all in different envelopes and label them.. Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3 with your child’s name. Your encouraging words will help your son or daughter stay confident and positive each day! If for some reason you cannot get a message written, please let me know so that I can get one for every child. I want to make sure that every child has a letter to read Tuesday morning. You may write your own personal message, or if you prefer, you may use any of these phrases in your letter or message.

· Have confidence in yourself!

· Believe in yourself!

· I’m so proud of you!

· Take your time. Don’t give up.

· We know you can do a good job when you really try.

· You’ve studied hard all year, so you will do great!

· We believe in you!

· We know you can do this!

· Be relaxed, Stay calm.

· Be confident in your own abilities.

ELA & Math

This week we are preparing for the timed part of the ACT Aspire. Obviously, we have covered the standards this school year, but we have to prepare our minds to be timed while being tested. Today, we took a mock math test and a sample writing prompt. We will continue our test prep with review for the remainder of the week.

Science and Social Studies

We are on the home stretch!! Unless something changes, we are scheduled to take the test on Westward Expansion this Friday. We will cover a Science and SS chapter simultaneously beginning next Monday. We will study Organisms and Their Environments in Science and the Civil War in Social Studies. The tests for those two chapters will be given approximately May 12 - May 14 (on different days). Notebooks will be due on or before Monday, May 18th for both subjects.