US Congressman Jarrod A. Zeigler

Indiana Junior Senator - Republican Party

"When the world zags, just look to zig."

A clean track record, Senator J. Zeigler has served as a US Congressman for over half-a-decade, beginning in the House of Representatives at age 25 and entering the US Senate in 2026. Since, Senator Zeigler has had stellar performance on the congressional floor, completing casework and aiding in successful legislation in aim of his mission statement.

"For the people, by the people. Without them, I would know no people; and thus, I am obligated as a man to work for the people and their rights."

Despite identifying as Republican and supporting several conservative platforms on items such as military and gun rights, Senator Zeigler also supports a number of liberal issues such as affirmative action and pro-choice, making him a far more moderate Congressman in the US Senate.

Jarrod A. Zeigler

Age 32 (as of June 30th, 2030)

Asian-American of Filipino Descent

Hailing from Avon, Indiana, Senator Jarrod Zeigler grew up in a military family, moving around from state to state--from New York and Illinois, to Kansas and North Carolina--

with his mother and father (Stephanie and John Zeigler) and his two younger brothers (Alex and Quintin Zeigler).

"Growing up on base, always moving around and meeting new people and entering new schools, I really got to develop, not only as a son and as an older brother, but as a person and as an individual. I had gathered not only an appreciation for the Army and other service members, but for the US government and its dedicated citizens."


  • Represented his high school as a 2015 Hoosier Boys State competitor (as hosted by the American Legion)
  • Graduated from Purdue University in 2020 with engineering and infrastructure majors
  • Completed grad school in 2024
  • House of Representatives (2023), R-IN 9th district
  • Indiana Junior Senator, took over from Senator Joe Donnelly in 2026

Visit the JW Marriot to see Congressman Zeigler in his bi-quarterly constituent assessment sessions

Monday, Sep. 30th 2030 at 4pm

10 South West Street

Indianapolis, IN