Bold Actions


1. Risks are extreme weather, heavy equipment, and drowning.

2. Going down a 400ft cliff to fish.

Textual Evidence set 1

1. "The Dangers: Extreme weather, heavy equipment, drowning" ( "Americas Deadliest Jobs").

2. " Anglers will go a long way to hook the perfect catch but these daredevil fisherman are taking things one step further - abseiling down a 400 ft down a cliff to reach untapped waters rich with fish"( "The length some guys will go for a fish!").

Textual Evidence Rewards

1. One reward is you get the thrill of catching a really big fish. "Charles LaPlant is a local man who says he "fishes for the thrill," which is exactly what he received after a recent fishing trip on the Mississippi River" ("Fishing Excursion Snags Enormous


2. Another reward of extreme fishing is you get to have fun with friends and family. "Free fishing days this weekend encouraged both residents and visitors to get outside and enjoy the fishing opportunities the state has to offer" ("Free Fishing Days Bring Families Together In Broom Country".

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Some of the risks of extreme fishing aren't as big as the rewards. Some of the risks are things like "bad whether" or "drowning" but these are only half the size of the rewards. The rewards are " thrill of catching a fish" and " having fun with family and friends". You can get some much more out of fishing than just fishing. There's a one out of a million chance that you will get hurt, all you need to do is think of the fun stuff that can happen.