Ownership of AC

Who should receive credit for AC?

Nikola Tesla should receive credit for AC

Without Tesla alternating current might not have existed. Tesla thought of the idea of alternating current. Tesla spent many days and night s trying to study and figure out alternating current. Tesla gave up so much time for alternating current so he should get the credit for putting effort into his work. Alternating current cam out to be very good.

George Westinghouse only helped Tesla

Westinghouse just gave Tesla money so he could continue his research. Even though Tesla received money from Westinghouse, Tesla could have received that money from anyone else with money. Westinghouse paid for all of Tesla's patents so he could sell alternating current to his consumers. Other than this Westinghouse did not help Tesla with alternating current. Westinghouse just helped Tesla continue his research by providing Tesla with money.

Alternating Current can go long distances with the help of transformers!!!

Spreading the word

Even though Westinghouse helped spread the word of AC really quick, AC would eventually spread by itself. AC is good enough that everyone would eventually find out about it and will want to start using it.

Why so much fuss?

Well alternating current is now being used by mostly everything and everyone. Today we are using alternating current because it is better than direct current. Plus not a lot of people believed in Tesla. Thomas Edison did not believe in Tesla, Edison did not believe that alternating current could be better than direct current.