The Longmore Learners

Week of May 16th - Last Week of School

End of the Year

I thought I would do one more newsletter to outline the schedule for this week. Once again, thank you for sharing your students with me. It has been a wonderful year and I have loved having the comments this year about how great my class is! It is each student in this class that makes it that way. I will miss them, but look forward to hearing what wonderful things they will be doing in the future!

I know it is difficult to get kids to read, but I have to share with you...The single most surprising piece of data to me was the loss of reading skills that happens during the summer. PLEASE have your students read, listen to books, read comics, read magazines, anything, just read. It is so important. I will send home a packet with different reading programs this summer. The library is open this summer, and you can get an app where you can check out ebooks, without even going to the library (as well as audio books).

I will also keep Prodigy open for the class over the summer. It is a great tool for students to keep up with their Math skills.

Most of all, have a great summer with your new fifth graders! How time flies!

Weekly Calendar

Monday, May 16th
Day 1 - Art
We will have a typical morning. I need to get the read aloud mostly completed, and I need to meet with for my final small reading groups.
12:35 - 1:25 - We will have recess and lunch early
1:30-3:30 - MAP Celebration
1:30-2:00 - Assembly
2:00-2:30 - Field Stations
2:30-3:00 - Snow Cones and Yearbook Signings
3:00-3:30 - Field Stations

Tuesday, May 17th
Day 2 - PE
Reading Log Celebration
Finish Math games and rotate through Math games
40 Book Challenge Party
Human Growth and Development Movie

Wednesday, May 18th
Day 3 - Music
DOJO Store
Clean out Desks
Finish Read aloud if necessary
WIN time: Awards
Afternoon: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Movie

Thursday, May 19th
Memory Book
Letter to Next Year's class
Last day of School
Early Release Day

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